I tried using the Starlink official app that allows you to immediately check the status of Starlink's satellite communication just by holding your smartphone up to the sky

In October 2022, the space company SpaceX will start offering the satellite Internet service “

Starlink ” in Japan. Starlink has the advantage that communication is possible even in areas where normal Internet lines do not reach, but it is important to use Starlink where the essential satellite communication reaches. If you use Starlink's official app distributed for iOS and Android, you can check the satellite communication status on the spot, so I actually tried using it.

'Starlink' on the App Store

Starlink - Apps on Google Play

This time, I used the iOS version to measure with an iPhone. Tap 'Get' on the App Store page to install.

Launch the Starlink app. You will be asked to search for and connect to devices on the local network, so tap 'Allow'.


I was asked to use location information, so I tapped 'Allow while using App'.

You will be asked to access the camera, so tap 'OK'.

The Starlink app measures the satellite communication status while shooting the surroundings with a camera. Tap 'I'M READY' when you move to the place you want to measure.

You can see how it is measured by looking at the following movie actually measured by the GIGAZINE editorial department. If you point the camera at the ceiling, a small sphere will appear and you will inhale it. When all the spheres are inhaled, the measurement is complete.

I tried to measure the satellite communication status of GIGAZINE editorial department with 'Starlink' official application - YouTube

When all the spheres are inhaled, measurement starts automatically.

When the measurement was completed, the result was displayed. Since it was indoors, it seems that the communication situation was not very good, and the message 'Please find a better spot' was displayed.

So go outside and measure again.

It seems that the communication situation has improved with fewer obstacles than before, but the message 'Please look for a better spot' was displayed. At the time of writing the article, Starlink is only available in Japan, north of Tokyo and in southern Hokkaido, so Starlink's service cannot be used at this measurement location.

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