Elon Musk, who plans to acquire Twitter for 6.4 trillion yen, appears at Twitter headquarters

It became clear that Elon Musk, who had changed his attitude over the acquisition of the SNS 'Twitter', finally indicated his intention to complete the acquisition of Twitter on October 28, 2022. Prior to the acquisition, Musk visited Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Musk signals $44 billion Twitter deal on track to close this week | Ars Technica


Elon Musk moves to kill the upcoming Twitter trial | TechCrunch

According to reports by Ars Technica and others, Mr. Mask has indicated his intention to acquire Twitter for $ 44 billion (about 6.4 trillion yen), finally putting an end to the turbulent acquisition turmoil. It seems that the acquisition is likely to be completed, as Mr. Musk's lawyer sent documents to stock investors.

In response to this news, Twitter's stock price rose by nearly 3%, to $ 53.5 (about 7800 yen) per share at the time of writing the article. This is the highest price since Mr. Musk signed an acquisition agreement for $ 54.20 per share (about 7900 yen) in April 2022.

Since Mr. Mask first announced the acquisition of Twitter, he once announced that he would cancel the acquisition due to suspicions that there were more bot accounts active on Twitter than disclosed materials. However, Twitter sued Mr. Musk for breach of contract. A trial was scheduled to take place on October 17, 2022, but the trial was postponed to a later date as Mr. Mask agreed to a promise to postpone the trial if the acquisition was completed by October 28. .

As the acquisition was about to be completed, Mr. Mask appeared at the Twitter headquarters office with a sink. I posted a video on Twitter with the comment 'let that sink in!'

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