Report that Apple is planning to release a huge 16-inch iPad

The Information reports that Apple plans to release a giant 16-inch iPad in the fourth quarter (October-December) of 2023.

Apple Is Working on a 16-Inch iPad, Further Blurring Line With Laptops — The Information

Apple planning 16-inch iPad for 2023

According to information obtained by The Information from 'a person familiar with the project,' Apple is working on a new iPad that will feature a huge 16-inch display. According to The Information, the 16-inch iPad seems to be a device that further blurs the line between iPad and MacBook.

The display size of 16 inches is the same display size as the largest display size among the MacBooks sold by Apple. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has the largest display size among the current iPads.

The 16-inch iPad will be a terminal for creative professional users such as graphic artists and designers who prefer a larger display size. It seems that it is scheduled to be released around the fourth quarter of 2023, but it is necessary to fully understand that there is a good chance that Apple's plans will change before the launch.

It is unclear how Apple intends to position this 16-inch iPad in the iPad series. The Information doesn't say if this will be an 'iPad Pro,' an 'iPad Air,' or an 'iPad.' At the time of writing the article, Apple's iPad lineup is 8.3-inch iPad mini, 10.2-inch iPad, 10.9-inch iPad and iPad Air, 11-inch iPad Pro, and 12.9-inch iPad Pro in order of display size. .

Bloomberg's Mark Garman, who is familiar with Apple-related leak information, also says that Apple is developing a larger iPad. In addition, display analyst Ross Young reports that he is working on the development of a 14.1-inch iPad, and there are multiple rumors about the development of a large iPad. According to Young, the 14.1-inch iPad will be a high-end model with a mini LED display.

At the time of writing, the only iPad with a mini LED display is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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