Reported that the GPU driver of ``Asahi Linux'' that runs Linux in the Apple M1 environment finally passed the test with a score of 99% or more

Rina Asahi, a Linux development VTuber, reports that ``the kernel driver of the GPU passed the test more than 99%'' in the Linux distribution `` Asahi Linux '' that aims to operate on Apple's proprietary SoC `` M1 ''-equipped Mac. Did.

Files · asahi/wip · Asahi Lina / mesa · GitLab

GitHub - AsahiLinux/m1n1 at lina/gpu-wip

GitHub - AsahiLinux/linux at gpu/rust-wip

Since the specifications of the M1 chip are private, it is essential to develop a driver by reverse engineering in order to use Linux in the M1 environment. So Asahi Linux developer Alyssa Rosenzweig was doing graphics-related reverse engineering.

A project to reverse engineer the GPU of Apple's proprietary chip 'M1' for Mac is underway - GIGAZINE

In 2022, we succeeded in drawing a ``colorful triangle'' for the first time using the open source Asahi Linux GPU driver.

Asahi Linux Celebrates First Triangle On The Apple M1 With Fully Open-Source Driver - Phoronix

In addition, Mr. Rina Asahi reports that he succeeded in running GUI applications such as web browsers and 3DCG games on Asahi Linux.

Linux 'Asahi Linux' for Mac with Apple chip finally runs GUI application, enabling display of VTuber avatar and YouTube viewing with Firefox - GIGAZINE

So far, Rosenzweig said he was running the driver on macOS X in his own user space. And Mr. Rina Asahi diverted Mr. Rosenzweig's code and implemented it in the Linux kernel with Rust. The test set Rina Asahi used was dEQP , a robust and comprehensive open source test set for OpenGL ES (GLES) and EGL. With the advice of Mr. Rosenzweig, it increased to 99.3%.

Rina Asahi has updated the branch, stating, 'Once the work is done, it should 'in theory' work on all M1 ( T8103 ) powered devices.'

In addition, on the social news site HackerNews , discussions are being held about the identity of Rina Asahi, who is actively developing. Whispered. However, when Mr. Rosenzweig co-starred with Mr. Rina Asahi in a lecture held on October 4, 2022, he said, ``This lecture will be enough proof that I am not Mr. Rina Asahi.'' .

XDC 2022 - Day 1 - October 4th, 2022 - YouTube

Martin also commented, 'There are still people on Reddit who say I'm Rina Asahi because of the April Fool's post .'

You can see the distribution that Mr. Rina Asahi talks about driver development from the following.

Device Trees! Let's get the driver working for everyone~!-YouTube

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