'iPhone 14 Plus' photo review, 6.7-inch large display in affordable price range

On October 7, 2022, the “ iPhone 14 Plus ” was released slightly behind the other iPhone 14 series. The chip and camera performance are the same as the iPhone 14, but the body size is larger, making it the best model for those who want a large display at a lower price. I got such an iPhone 14 Plus, so I checked the appearance.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus - Apple (Japan)


This is the 'iPhone 14 Plus' package.

When opened, the iPhone 14 Plus main body appears. The color of the iPhone 14 Plus I got this time is 'blue'.

Underneath the main unit was a SIM pin, a user manual, an Apple logo sticker, and a Lightning cable. That's all there is to it.

The iPhone 14 Plus body looks like this. It is 160.8 mm long x 78.1 mm wide x 7.80 mm thin and weighs 203 g.

The back is made of glass and aluminum.

The camera has a dual camera configuration with a 12-megapixel main camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. The performance of the camera is exactly the same as 'iPhone 14'.

There is nothing special on the top.

The bottom has a microphone, a Lightning port, and a speaker.

SIM slot, volume button, sound on / off button are mounted on the left side.

The right side has a power button.

You can understand the size of 'iPhone 14 Plus (center)' by arranging it side by side with 'iPhone 14 Pro Max (left)' and 'iPhone 14 (right)'.

The nominal size values for each of the three models are as follows. You can see that the iPhone 14 Plus is slightly wider vertically and horizontally than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 14 Pro Max
height 146.7mm 160.8mm 160.7mm
width 71.5mm 78.1mm 77.6mm
thickness 7.80mm 7.80mm 7.85mm
weight 172 grams 203g 240g

The difference in thickness is like this. I have an iPhone 14 on the left, an iPhone 14 Plus in the center, and an iPhone 14 Pro Max on the right. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an overall higher camera module, which is reflected in the difference in thickness.

In addition to the difference in camera and size, the structure of the in-camera part at the top of the display is different from the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It is like this when 6.1 inch iPhone 14 (right) and 6.7 inch iPhone 14 Plus are arranged side by side. The iPhone 14 Plus may be recommended for those who frequently play videos on the iPhone or who want to enjoy games on a large screen. The price of the iPhone 14 series is ``iPhone 14'' from 119,800 yen, ``iPhone 14 Plus'' from 134,800 yen, ``iPhone 14 Pro'' from 149,800 yen, and ``iPhone 14 Pro Max'' from 149,800 yen. It starts from 164,800 yen.

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