Calbee's `` Potato Chips Famichiki Taste '' Tasting Review Reproducing Famichiki with Fragrance

As a new product limited to FamilyMart, `` Potato Chips Famichiki Flavor '', which reproduces the taste of ``Famichiki'', was released on September 27, 2022 (Tuesday), so I compared it with Famichiki.

Calbee Potato Chips Famichiki Flavor | Product Information | FamilyMart

'Potato Chips Famichiki Flavor' and 'Famichiki' I bought.

The raw material of potato chips is like this, 365 kcal per 66 g bag.

As a potato chip that reproduces the taste of Famichiki, in September 2021, as a product commemorating the 40th anniversary of FamilyMart, there is a “thick-sliced potato chips Famichiki flavor”, and this product has been revived due to its popularity. For the revival, FamilyMart and Calbee jointly developed the blend of spices so that it could be closer to the taste of Famichiki than the previous time.

It looks like this when taken out of the bag. The last time it was thickly sliced, it was changed to thin slices, making it look like ordinary potato chips.

When you eat it, there is no unique juicy texture because there is no fat coming out of the chicken, but the spicy taste that pleases the tongue is quite reproducible. It was a dish full of junk that made me want to eat it while drinking cola or beer.

Potato Chips Famichiki taste is 168 yen including tax and is on sale at FamilyMart nationwide.

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