An automatic GIF generation model using Stable Diffusion that can be tried right from the browser appears

A model `` stable-diffusion-animation '' that automatically generates GIF animation using the image generation AI `` Stable Diffusion '' has been released on GitHub.

andreasjansson/stable-diffusion-animation – Run with an API on Replicate

When you access the relevant page on GitHub, the following screen will appear. The sample is already running, but you can edit it yourself. Note that you need to log in to GitHub to edit.

First, what kind of picture should be created and what kind of picture should be changed, fill in and define the start prompt and end prompt.

Select the width of the GIF animation to be generated next from 128, 256, 512, 768, 1024 pixels and the height from 128, 256, 512, 768 pixels. Set the denoising step, the strength of the prompts that define consistency, the number of frames in the animation, the number of interpolation steps between frames,

and the guidance scale without classifier .

FPS, decide whether to head to the start prompt at the end of the animation, whether to use

FILM for interpolation between frames, whether to show the intermediate layer output during generation, click 'Submit' and generation will start will be

It takes about 2 minutes to generate.

When the generation is completed, the GIF animation is displayed and played as shown below. You can also download GIF animations from here.

The GIF animation generated this time can be played by clicking the image below.

Set the starting prompt to 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' and the ending prompt to 'The lazy dog watches the quick white cat' ”, but for some reason it starts with a scene where the fox is trying to jump over the fox.

After that, a dog staring at the white cat appeared.

And for some reason there are two white cats.

At the end, the picture changed towards the start prompt.

It is OK to enter not only sentences but also words separated by commas. This time the start prompt is 'black cat, three witches laugh, candles are all out, owl, bloody dagger' ', I entered the end prompt as 'horrible green-skinned witch with tie, grown serpent lies'.

The GIF animation generated by the prompt above can be played by clicking on the image below.

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