RTA aiming for the fastest clearing of the tutorial of 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' appeared

The “ Splatoon 3 Eve Festival ” will be held on August 28, 2022 from 9:00 to 21:00, where you can enjoy Splatoon 3 before its release through a festival reborn with new rules. 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' can be played by anyone who is a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, and even before the festival starts, you can explore Bankara, the new home of the game, and post illustrations. Is possible.

Pre-download ``Splatoon 3 Eve Festival'' and check the new base of Bankara Street and New Buki & prepare for the reborn festival - GIGAZINE

With the dedicated software that can play such 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival', anyone can play the tutorial even if they are not Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The tutorials that can be played at 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' are as follows.

I tried playing the tutorial of 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' - YouTube

Gamers who have turned into RTAs competing to see how fast they can clear this tutorial have posted videos of how to clear the tutorial quickly. In addition, each RTA measures the time at different times. Some measure the time from the moment the character creation ends, while others measure the time from the moment the Inkling that the player controls appears. There is also However, the end timing of time measurement was the timing when the tutorial ended and the screen turned dark.

RTA that measures time from the moment the character creation ends.

Splatter 3 Tutorial RTA 1: 06.83 - YouTube

This one is about 3 seconds faster.

[Supra 3 Eve] Tutorial RTA in about 1 minute and 3 seconds-Nico Nico Douga

This time is measured including the character creation part. Since it takes 30 to 31 seconds to create a character, the previous video has a slightly faster clear time.

Splatoon 3_Tutorial RTA 1 minute 38 seconds 31-Nico Nico Douga

This starts the time measurement from the moment the ink ring is displayed on the screen. It takes just 18 seconds to create a character, so this seems to be a little slower than '[Supra 3 Eve] Tutorial RTA in about 1 minute and 3 seconds'.

[Splatoon 3 eve] Tutorial RTA [1 minute 22 seconds 01 (measurement starts at the moment when inkling is reflected)]-Nico Nico Douga

In addition, once you clear the tutorial part of 'Splatoon 3 Eve', you will not be able to play with the same account. Therefore, in order to play the tutorial multiple times, it is necessary to delete the save data of 'Splatoon 3 Eve', play the tutorial with another account, or force quit the game before clearing the tutorial.

According to the tweet below, it seems that the tutorial will be cleared when the second line on the last bridge is crossed, so please be careful if you want to force quit the game and play the tutorial many times.

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