"Family Computer Robot" who plays with Famicom alongside Movie to be launched beyond the time of 25 years after release

"Super Super Nintendo" in which overseas gamers inflated delusionsWe talked about the article that before, but this model was released as a model in 1985"Family computer robot"The movie that I tried to launch was released.

Family computer robot is a peripheral equipment for Nintendo launched on July 26, 1985. In order to play with this robot, NES dedicated software"Block set"Or"Gyro set"It is necessary to receive the optical signal transmitted from the screen directly by the eyes of the robot and the robot moves in accordance with the signal from the screen, it is a robot feeling completely overlooking the era, It is surprising that the equipment was present in 1985 itself.

Details of the family computer robot and its launch movie are from the following.Family computer robot [FAMILY COMPUTER ROBOT] «Δ + 0/9

This is a picture of the front box of the Family Computer Robot. The whole image of the family computer robot is reflected.

Dedicated software "Block set". The player manipulates Dr. Hector on the screen, sends a signal to the robot, receives the signal from the screen, and the robot actually reorganizes the block in front of the robot. Although the player instructs the robot to load the block at the specified place which appeared on the game screen, since the software side does not distinguish whether the block was properly arranged, it is necessary for the player to confirm. Two people can compete.

Another dedicated software "gyro set". When setting the II controller of the Family Computer's robot on the tray of the Family Computer Robot, the movement that the robot pushes down the frame is linked with the A and B buttons, and the operation of the robot is reflected on the screen. When the robot pushes the button, the red / blue gate on the game screen goes up and down, allowing the player to proceed through the maze. The attached spinner is a mechanism that allows you to simultaneously press the A and B buttons on the robot if you set the frame here, and depending on the stage you need this simultaneous push operation.

I think that there are many people who did not know about families computer robots in fact, but in reality they have appeared in quite a lot of games, perhaps they may have already seen you already.

◆ Family Computer Robot Appearance
·Starfox 64
·Kirby of the Stars 3
·Made in Wario
·Beautiful Joe
·Pikmin 2
·Beautiful Joe new hope
·Around Maid in Wario
·Touching Maid In Wario
·Mario Kart DS
·Odoru Maid In Wario
·Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers X

The movie below is a captured image of Sector X of Starfox 64. A boss "HVC - 09" has appeared, and it looks like a family computer robot. "Creator is Dokoda" "Complete me." However, developers of family computer robots developed game watches and game boy etc.Mr. YokoiHe is. By the way, the model number of the family computer robot is HVC - 012.

YouTube - Starfox 64 Operation No. 4 - Sector X Space Area - "Nazo at the Space Station"

This is a character called "Robot" appearing in Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers X. The appearance is the family computer robot itself.

YouTube - Super Smash Battle Smash Bros X X Back Technique Robot Infinite Last Trump Card

The movie below is the commercial of a family computer robot that was aired at the time of release. I make you feel the times.

YouTube - Family Computer Robot CM

This is a video for over-the-counter promotion.

YouTube - Family computer robot storefront sales video

And the movie in the bottom is a picture of a family computer robot that was launched in modern times after 25 years since its release. It is stored neatly to the outer box, and although the robot actually moves when turning on the power, it is in a state where it can not play in conjunction with the screen. The photographer speculates that it may not work unless it is a cathode ray tube TV which was popular at that time in 1985, but it is not a shame that I can not see the place actually playing.

YouTube - a1bo-TV · Vol.64 "Family computer robot started! It is! "

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