I tried inserting a mysterious card "BLACKCAS card" that I looked at on TV to the TV

"B-CAS card" necessary for viewing digital broadcasting. Its color is blue for ground digital only, red for BS / CS and red for three waves, orange for cable TV only, and white etc. used for television to be displayed at store electronics stores There is also. It is the same as that B-CAS card, or "BLACKCAS cardIt is said that there is something to be, so I tried to get it.

Mail arrived from Taiwan.

A slip is pasted also on the back side.

What came out from inside is a rather small bag.

It sounds like a letter received from a child.

The size is about this ... ...

This is the BLACKCAS card. There is a face on the arrow.

The reverse side is lined with strings that you do not understand something at all.

"Halogen seal is attached to" Products that seal has been peeled once, refuse any repair ".

Blue B - CAS card dedicated to terrestrial digital broadcasting with many opportunities to see, red B - CAS card sharing three waves, and BLACKCAS card. Of course the size is the same.

As usual B-CAS card is inserted in TV and tuner like this ...

Thanks to that, broadcasting is seen.

What about the BLACKCAS card ......

You can use it properly. However, this card is slightly different from the B - CAS card which just looks black.

This is a place where we aligned the channels to the satellite broadcasting that is being conducted for difficult viewing areas where digital terrestrial broadcasting can not be received well. Areas where this broadcast can be usedSurvey target of satellite broadcasting countermeasures against terrestrial digital broadcasting by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Whitelist)It is only where it is published in the area, and such a guide message is displayed outside the area.

You can see that you are in the last person (from 291 onwards) by looking at the BS's program guide.

When I inserted the BLACKCAS card, it was Osaka here, and it was able to receive properly even though it was not a difficult viewing area.

Because it is not understood well by this alone, the movie which tried replacing the red B - CAS card and the BLACKCAS card which can receive the BS is here.

Try replacing B-CAS card and BLACKCAS card - YouTube

As to what on earth this card is and what can be doneMarumo SeisakushoIn addition to broadcasting for the above-mentioned difficult viewing area by this BLACKCAS card,WOWOW and Star Channel, Green Channel, BS Animax etc can be watchedWhat has been revealed.

We point out on the February 7 article about why viewing is possible and technical aspects.

February 7 (Tuesday) BLACKCAS [2]

BLACKCAS assumes that the card itself as HW was created by using the B-CAS card as it is, creating the EMM with expiration time 0xffff without permission and supplying it to the B-CAS card.

When creating an EMM, there are two points that the problem is that the cryptographic algorithm is unknown, and that the individual key Km for each card used for EMM encryption is unknown.

However, Friio's NET CAS does not send date / time information / tampering detection etc. but only the Ks equivalent part (16 bytes) of ECM and returns normal Ks, and even if an arbitrary byte string is sent, the corresponding decryption result As you can see from the returning, ECM cryptographic algorithms seem to be known to some analysts already.

There is a possibility that different cryptographic algorithms may be used because decoding HOL is different in such a form that MULTI 2 which is TS encryption algorithm is decrypted at the receiver and ECM / EMM is decrypted with B-CAS card Yes, since both ECM and EMM are decoded within the B - CAS card, it is highly likely that you are using the same encryption algorithm.

For those who are aware of the ECM cryptographic algorithm, if the cryptographic algorithms of ECM and EMM are identical, EMM cryptographic algorithms are also automatically revealed. In this case, only Km is obstacle to making selfish EMM.

The problem is how the BLACKCAS creator found the Km of each card, but since the card type reported in the BLACKCAS related thread is limited to M002 (maker_id = M, version = 2) so far, There is a hole limited to this type of card, and I guess that there was some command that makes Km visible to the outside.

I think that the means by which ECM cryptographic algorithm was analyzed is not the hit with spill information or hit per grand prize, but it is thought that it may be the result of physics analysis of B - CAS card, so pay broadcast on satellite broadcasting I think that it was inevitable that it was unavoidable for people outside Japan to analyze without using the B - CAS card for free broadcasting.

And about the legal interpretation of this BLACKCAS card.

February 8 (Wed) BLACKCAS [3]

I believe that the BLACKCAS card falls under "device" in Article 2, paragraph 1, Item 11 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. However, it is not considered unfair competition as purchase or use is an exhibition / export / import under the assignment / delivery or assignment / delivery purpose only regarded as unfair competition behavior.

As in the case of BLACKCAS this time, if individuals purchase directly from overseas, can foreigners sellers injunct / claim damages under Article 3/4 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act , We can not investigate whether we can impose penalties such as imprisonment of less than 5 years or less and fine of not more than 5,000,000 (both available) in Article 21, 2, item 4. (I think that it will be impossible first)

When importing for personal use by self-use purpose, it does not correspond to importation for transfer / delivery purpose, so we do not need to worry about becoming unfair competition, but when importing for the purpose of sending to net auction etc. I think that it is better to stop doing things that Japanese nationals who reside in the country do because they become unfair competition acts corresponding to imports for transfer / delivery purposes.

The experience viewing period for regular cards is 16 days, after which the channels and works that are scrambled and broadcasted will not be seen, but at the Marumo Manufacturing Division you can watch over 16 days with this BLACKCAS card It seems that all the stations were still viewable even if it did.

February 20 (Monday) BLACKCAS [4]

Arrival & viewing It has been confirmed that BS stations that can be received, including difficult indications, can be viewed all stations even on 2/20, when more than 16 days have elapsed from the start of confirmation.

By the way, with regard to B - CAS, "Committee on Information Communication Policy Committee Information Communication Policy Committee on Promotion of Distribution of Digital Content, etc.""It is desirable to decide the way of enforcement by the time of the digital full transition in 2011 and start operation of it"It is supposed to be, but what has become of this ... ....?

The current selling price of this BLACKCAS card is 48,800 yen per sheet.

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