Sio Colors and new color girls & boy "Splatoon (Splatoon)" new work amiibo haste photo review

Wii U popular game software "Splatoon(Splatoon)From the new work amiibo (Ambo) "Aori"fire Fly"Girl 【Lime Green】"Boy 【Purple】"Squid [Orange]"And five types of these amiibo can enjoy enjoying a diorama kit"Shiokarib"Mozuku Farm"It is on sale from 7th July 2016. I got it to GIGAZINE editorial department at the morning of the release day that day, so I tried to see what it actually is.

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I bought all 6 points below.

"Aoi colors set" in which aori and firefly amiibo are set

Bottom of box

In the box there is a hardened plastic material to wrap amiibo.

The left is Aori and the right is a firefly.

Pounding off the front from the front.

Looking from behind like this.

The lively expression that seems to start moving is still attractive.

A sparkling costume with lame.

From the side it looks like this, you can see that it is a soft body like a squid and a squid.

Taking it in your hand is about this size.

Continue check firefly amiibo.

Not only the coloring of the mouth portion, but also irregularities are well expressed.

Looking from behind like this.

"Has your hair been tied like this ...?", A privilege unique to figures that allows you to observe shyness.

Firefly costumes are slightly different from those of Aori and are skirts.

When looking at the ari and firefly amiibo from the side, it looks like a symmetrical posing ... ...

From the front you can see that there are differences in how two people put their feet and their expression.

In addition, using the Shiocolaz amiibo, the square at the beginning of the game is colored with the same neon as when holding the festival, and you can sing a favorite song to the schools located above the track and dance it. The songs that can be selected are five songs "dyed in your color", "Ima Nura Never barrel", "Hikara sinka", "Maritime memory", "Shiokara clause" in common in both amiibo, and in addition to this, In amiibo you can select Aori 's solo song "Tokimeki ☆ Bomu Rush", firefly' s amiibo can solo firefly 's solo song' Sumisoa no Night '.

Five songs commonly listened to by Aori · firefly amiibo are the same five songs that two people of Schio Collins showed in "Shiokaribu" held at Battle Conference 2016 and Super Conference 2016. As long as you have amiibo, you will be able to enjoy Shioarive at any time you like.

Splatoon's Shiocolaz singing and singing in real "Splatoon Siocalib 2016" Movie & Photo Summary - GIGAZINE

Next, we opened three of the girls 'boy squids released in 2015, amiibo' s color difference "Boy [Purple]" "Girl [Lime Green]" "Squid [Orange]".

When opening it like this.

This is "Girl 【Lime Green】"

What I have in hand is a splash shooter collaboration

Looking from behind like this.

"Boy [Purple]" is the only brown skin in Splatoon amiibo.

Like a new girl, I have a splash shooter collaboration in hand, and it looks as if I'm aiming for something as a tigret.

The sharp gear is "Sea Hose Hi gold".

The ink tank carried on the back has also been faithfully reproduced, and even a red indicator showing the ink remaining amount is expressed.

The end is "Squid [Orange]".

Faithfully express the splashing ink splashing feeling.

It is tremendous power.

So, let's compare three new works (left) and three old works (right).

Compared to the new (left) old (right) girls, it looks like this. Not only is the amiibo's ink colors different, but the point that the buki in hands and gears equipped are also changing. However, it does not mean that the prototype of amiibo has changed.

If you compare it well, the color of the eyes of the girl is subtly changed.

Buki has a new girl "Splash Shooter Collaboration (Left)" and the old one "Splash Shooter (Right)".

Because of the color change, the gear has also changed from "Pink beans (right)" to "Black beans (left)".

Boy who changed impression like No. 1 the most.

The appearance impression differs to the extent that it can not be thought that it is the same other than coloring.

It is like this when squid is arranged in new (left) old (right).

In addition, a diorama kit for enjoying Splatoon amiibo has also appeared.

This is a diorama kit "Splatoon [Shiokaribu]".

When opening it contains instructions / diorama kit · character seal.

The Diorama Kit comes with the following five parts besides the main body.

The assembly method is very simple, first bend the parts written as "reinforced parts" according to the explanation ......

Insert it in the lower part of the stage of the diorama body.

Then, the stage part of the diorama is enormously excited like the following.

Next, work to attach the speakers on both sides to the stage part.

As shown below, there is a claw at the bottom of the speaker, so plug it into the hole at the end of the stage OK.

Then, the background part of the diorama stands upright as follows. However, it is unstable by this alone ...

Flip the diorama kit ......

Attach the following purple side parts to the back of the diorama.

Since the side parts are folded, fold them accordingly ......

Look for the same thing as the icon drawn on the claw part of the side part on the back of the diorama.

There is a slit that inserts the claws of the side parts there, so if you attach the side parts as it is, it will be as follows.

Then reinforcement is completed when side parts are attached to the left and right sides of the diorama.

Finally set the screen parts to diorama. The left screen part is used to set New Nintendo 3DS · New 3DS LL · 3DS LL in the diorama kit, so this time we will use the right screen parts.

Because this screen part has open holes on one side ......

Use one with no holes.

If I put this between the diorama's speaker and the speaker ...

The special stage of Siocalib is completed.

Afterwards it is OK to stand two Shio Colls, the protagonist of Siocalib.

Nature and spectators gathered ... ...

Live started.

At the end of the live audience also go up to the stage and go to the festival state ...... If there is a diorama kit, you can play ambibo indefinitely.

Also, since smart phones are designed to fit on the empty side of the screen parts ... ...

As shown below,Movie of SiocalibusIf you let it on the smartphone, you can reproduce the live venue with more realism.

I can see the appearance of actually reproduced in the following movie.

I tried to reproduce Siocalibe with Siocollaz amiibo & Diorama kit - YouTube

In addition, the character seals attached to "Supra Toon [Shiokaribu]" of the amiibo diorama kit are as follows. It is also good to paste it on a diorama and decorate it, it is also good to use it as a sticker in a place not related to diorama at all.

This is another diorama kit "Splatoon [Mosuku Farm]".

There are instructions, diorama and character seal in it.

This diorama main body is like this ......

The spawn point etc. are three-dimensional.

If you look closely at the ink on the diorama, it is raised a little.

When assembling, prepare the following side parts first.

Insert the side part claw into the brand logo part of Botoroika on the back of the diorama.

When you install it it looks like the following.

When installing side parts the main body of diorama is like this.

Next, use the following clear parts.

First of all, I bend a clear part with a light blue stripe.

Because there are claws with the squid icon as below in this clear part ... ...

Insert this in the squid icon part on the back of the diorama body.

Next, prepare a clear part on which a mesh pattern is printed ......

Fold the parts as follows.

And put in the clear parts attached to the diorama, the mesh pattern clear parts.

Finally install a clear part with a yellow pattern ......

It is completion of Mosuku farm.

As Splatoon's amiibo finishes collecting Buki Gear Mini Games, the opportunity to use will be lost, so "people wearing dust in a corner of the room ..." or "How to decorate ... ..." Many people have troubled their heads. However, if you have a diorama, amiibo can be displayed fun by everyone, so it seems that you can recommend it for people who have amiibo and are interesting.

In addition, the character seal attached to the Diorama kit "Supra Toon [Mozuk Farm]" is as follows.

The last festival will be held in Supra Thun for 48 hours from 12 o'clock on Friday, July 22 to 12 o'clock on the 24 th. Currently, some game retailers are divided into "Aori school" and "firefly faction" that support Aori or fireflies, and presenting campaign of support postcards is underway.

Since GIGAZINE editorial department bought a set of amiibo with Yodobashi camera, we got a lot of firefly postcards as follows.

New work amiibo "Shio color set" is taxable 2400 yen, Aori and fireflies can be purchased separately and tax-free at 1200 yen. In addition, although you can purchase "Girl 【Lime Green】" "Boy" [Purple] "" Squid [Orange] "which is the color difference of the existing splatoon amiibo with tax of 1200 yen, respectively, touch amiibo on splatoon "Subject" to be answered and Buki · gear · mini game which can be obtained by clearing the subject are the same as those of the regular version of Girl Boy · Squid respectively. In addition, different color girls, boy and squid amiibo are sold in limited quantity, so be careful. In addition, amiibo diorama kit "Splatoon [Shiokaribu]" and "Splatoon [Mozuku plantation]" are sold for each tax of 1000 yen.

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