Supra Toon's big update will start today at 10 o'clock, more than 40 new gears & 2 new stages will appear at once

From 10 am on November 13, 2015, the game software for Wii U "SplatoonA large update will be distributed toNintendo DirectIt was announced in. In this large update, in addition to more than 40 new gears, two new stages are added, and it seems that the strategically rich squid battle will be unfolded than ever.


Nintendo Direct 2015.11.13 Presentation video - YouTube

In Nintendo Direct delivered from 7 am on November 13, 2015, a movie with Splatoon update information flowed.

Stages featuring a rotating table that spins

Ink rings equipped with gears I have never seen before

In a museum-style stage where squid paintings line up ......

Ink rings appear

Anyway, it seems that art that is not understood by humans is popular among squid

The spinning turning table spinning sideways, feeling climbing

As the wall moves, it seems likely to blindly strike from various places


The whole view of the stage looks something like this

And another stage is this

A stage with quite a lot of water

If you fail to jump Dong Bon

As a huge plate shaped like a squid also hanging, this is also the stage that I'm likely to paint various places

In addition, the water level of the stage drops after a certain period of time ...

Suddenly a new scaffold appeared

Whether to utilize these for squids seems to be a division of game

The stage whole view looks like this

One of the new stages is the Museum of Modern Art "Kimmedai Museum of Art"

Another is "Mahimahi Resort & Spa"

Delivery starts from 10 am today.

More than 40 types of new gears appear

And the new stage will appear from 11 o'clock tomorrow

Furthermore, due to collaboration with Saga prefecture ... ...

Festival is also decided

The date and time of the festival is from November 21 to 22

It's SplatoonSagakeen (Saga Kahn)"

It seems that many collaborative goods appear, so it is necessary check

Official movies flowing in Nintendo Direct are up.

Splatoon Nintendo Direct 2015.11.13 Exhibition video - YouTube

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