``Details of Meta's next-generation VR headset will be announced in October 2022,'' CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Meta's next-generation VR headset will be unveiled in October on popular comedian Joe Rogan 's podcast. Details are expected to be announced at Meta's AR / VR related event ' Connect ' to be held in October 2022.

Meta Quest Pro 'Project Cambria' Releases In October

Mark Zuckerberg confirms new Meta VR headset will launch in October - The Verge

You can listen to the podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience', where CEO Zuckerberg appeared as a guest below.

#1863 - Mark Zuckerberg - The Joe Rogan Experience | Podcast on Spotify

In the podcast, CEO Zuckerberg said, ``The next-generation device to be announced in October 2022 has some major features,'' saying that the next-generation VR headset will be announced in October, and that next-generation Gaze and facial expression tracking was revealed to be the centerpiece of the VR headset.

Zuckerberg said, ``Eye contact will be possible in virtual reality. Whatever expression you have, whether you frown or raise the corner of your mouth, will be reflected in your avatar in real time. 'I talk about the merits of tracking gaze and facial expressions.

``Before this recording, I tried Meta's new VR headset. When I move my mouth, the alien in front of me moves its mouth. Follow the line of sight. When I look angry, the aliens also look angry.I can't believe it. 'I commented.

Meta's next-generation VR headset ' Project Cambria ' has leaked drawing data in June 2022, and it is expected to have a gaze and facial expression tracking function with an infrared camera. Therefore, it is almost certain that the new VR headset that Mr. Logan and Mr. Zuckerberg are talking about is this Project Cambria.

Project Cambria was announced at Connect 2021 in 2021 and will be released in 2022. In addition, the code analysis results of the Oculus app for iOS suggest that the official name of the next-generation VR headset may be 'Meta Quest Pro'.

The official name of Meta's next-generation VR headset is `` Meta Quest Pro '' or discovered from the code of the iOS application - GIGAZINE

Meta Quest Pro is expected to be considerably more expensive at the time of article creation, as the specifications have evolved significantly from the latest model Meta Quest 2 . The price of Meta Quest 2 has been significantly increased in August 2022, with the 128GB model being 59,400 yen and the 256GB model being 74,400 yen.

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Amazon | Meta Quest 2—Completely wireless all-in-one VR headset—256GB | Game

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