Former Twitter executives whistleblower Twitter with a sloppy security system, will it be a support fire for Mr. Elon Mask

A former Twitter security chief has filed a whistleblower complaint that Twitter failed to protect its users and misled users with fake anti-spam measures. This could work in favor of Elon Musk, who is in a legal battle with Twitter over his decision to cancel the acquisition of the company over Twitter's bot account issue.

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Twitter whistleblower complaint could help Elon Musk

The person who accused Twitter this time is Peter Zatko, the company's former security chief. Mr. Zatko is a well-known hacker known as `` Mudge '' and has worked as a cyber security officer at Google and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US Department of Defense. was appointed as the person in charge. However, he was fired from the company in January 2022.

After that, on July 6, 2022, Mr. Zatko submitted the whistleblowing document to several government agencies such as the US Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and with the cooperation of Whistleblower Aid, a whistleblower support group, this time It is said that he has decided to disclose the whistleblower and his identity.

In a 200-page accusation document, Mr. Zatko pointed out Twitter's security vulnerabilities, problems related to user data management, and negligence in counting and countermeasures for bot accounts, saying, ``Twitter is a spam and hacker. I have misled the public by giving inappropriate explanations about the fight against.'

Half of Twitter's servers run outdated and vulnerable software, according to the accusations, and management hides the number of data breaches and poor protection of user data, instead measuring what doesn't matter. It is said that he presented the plausible materials created by him to the board of directors. This allegedly constitutes a material breach of the

terms of the settlement Twitter agreed with the Federal Trade Commission to ensure the protection of personal information.

Zatko specifically accused Twitter's top executives, including Parag Agrawal, of 'widespread violations of the law' and accused them of 'extreme and serious deficiencies' in combating hackers. claim. Furthermore, the Indian government was forced to hire two government officials and place them in a department where they can access internal data, and Twitter said that the US authorities said, ``Employees are working for foreign intelligence agencies. It was also written in the accusation document that he was warned that he was there. Mr. Zatko has sent documents to the US Department of Justice and others along with materials that support these claims.

The content of the whistleblowing also extends to the conflict between Twitter and Elon Mask, and Mr. Zatko accuses Twitter of `` lying about bot countermeasures '' to Mr. Mask, shareholders, and users. While this doesn't directly support Musk's claim that Twitter underreported the number of bots, it could have a significant impact on Twitter's and Musk's trial in Delaware starting Oct. 17. I have.

Musk did not respond to media requests for comment, but posted an internet meme image of Jiminy Cricket from the movie Pinocchio on Twitter. This is because Jiminy Cricket is depicted as a character who gives Pinocchio a conscience in the work, and the song in the play 'Give a little whistle' (Japanese title is 'When in trouble, whistle') means a whistleblower. It is thought that it is a product of 'whistleblower'.

Twitter said in a statement to multiple media outlets, ``Mr. and a false statement about data security, riddled with contradictions, inaccuracies, and lacking important context, Zatko's claims and the opportunistic timing of their making have drawn attention to Twitter and 'It appears to be aimed at harming its customers and shareholders. Security and privacy are, and will continue to be, company-wide priorities at Twitter.'

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