Is Samsung's flagship smartphone Galaxy S23 Ultra finally equipped with a 200 million pixel camera?

Korean web media ETNEWS reports that Samsung will install a 200 megapixel (200 million pixel) camera in the flagship smartphone `` Galaxy S23 Ultra '' scheduled to be released in 2023.

Galaxy S23 will be equipped with '200 million' pixel camera - ETNews

From the Galaxy S20 Ultra announced in 2020, Samsung has a wide-angle camera on the back with 108 megapixels (108 million pixels). Samsung's flagship model Galaxy S22 Ultra , which is the latest at the time of article creation, also has a wide-angle camera with 108 megapixels.

Information that the main camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with Samsung's 200-megapixel sensor 'ISOCELL HP2' was rumored in early August 2022, and Ice universe , known as a leaker, tweeted 'Galaxy S23 The 200 megapixel sensor installed in the Ultra is an unannounced HP2, which is almost 100% confirmed.'

According to ETNEWS, Samsung's Mobile Experience department has shared information with major partner companies that it will be equipped with a 200-megapixel camera, and has confirmed that it has announced its development details and rough production plans. . In addition, it seems that the development of 200 megapixel camera parts has already been commissioned to some companies and production has started.

Samsung has already announced ISOCELL HP1 and ISOCELL HP3, which are 200-megapixel image sensors, but so far they have not been installed in the Galaxy series. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the first model in the Galaxy series to be equipped with a 200-megapixel camera.

According to Ice universe, the pixel size of the ISOCELL HP1 is 0.64 micrometers, the pixel size of the ISOCELL HP3 is 0.53 micrometers, and the unannounced ISOCELL HP2 is 0.60 micrometers. The larger the pixel size of the image sensor, the better the image quality, but the sensor itself becomes larger. It seems that the HP2 is a sensor that aims to achieve both the good image quality of the HP1 and the compactness of the HP3.

In addition, Samsung's ISO CELL HP1 will be installed in the model that Motorola and Xiaomi will release at the time of article creation. Among Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi, attention will be paid to which manufacturer will quickly launch a model that claims 'the world's first smartphone with a 200 megapixel camera'.

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