I tried eating a ``shrimp cutlet and chicken cutlet bowl'' that you can enjoy a shrimp cutlet with a crispy texture and a chicken cutlet with plenty of meat at once

From August 17, 2022 (Wednesday), the new `` shrimp cutlet and chicken cutlet rice bowl '' in the Aimori series, which combines ease of eating and satisfaction, will be available from Katsuya, a chain specializing in tonkatsu. I tried to eat what kind of taste it was finished by saying that I made a chicken cutlet using pre-prepared shrimp cutlet and soft chicken breast meat.

Shrimp cutlet and chicken cutlet bowl | Tonkatsu / Katsudon 'Katsuya' official website


Arrive at Katsuya.

I ordered a take-out of 'Shrimp cutlet and chicken cutlet bowl'.

The width of the container is about 16 cm ......

About 8 cm long.

When I open the lid it looks like this. 2 pieces of shrimp cutlet, tartar sauce, 6 pieces of chicken cutlet with sauce, and shredded cabbage are packed tightly.

First of all, when you eat shrimp cutlet with plenty of tartar sauce, you can feel the texture and umami of springy shrimp, and it goes well with the sourness of tartar sauce. Even this alone is a taste that can be enough to play a leading role.

The bite-sized chicken cutlet is not too thick, and you can taste the chicken breast meat. You can enjoy it with the basic special sauce or dip it in the tartar sauce to change the taste.

Of course, the compatibility of rice and cutlet is perfect.

If you get tired of eating cutlets in a row, refresh your mouth with shredded cabbage. The cutlets and sauces of different ingredients were combined to create a bowl that could be eaten endlessly.

'Shrimp cutlet and chicken cutlet bowl' is 745 yen including tax for takeout and 759 yen including tax for in-store dining, and can be ordered from Katsuya nationwide for a limited time from August 17, 2022 (Wednesday). In addition, the 'shrimp cutlet and chicken cutlet set meal', which allows you to eat side dishes and rice separately, is 853 yen including tax with pickles when taken out, and 869 yen including tax with pork soup when eating and drinking in the store.

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