A huge depression with a diameter of 32 m and a depth of 64 m suddenly appeared near the Chilean mine

A huge depression with a diameter of 32 meters suddenly appeared in a Chilean mining area. Experts are investigating the cause of the outbreak, but the cause is not clear at the time of writing the article.

Lundin Mining Confirms Sinkhole Near Ojos del Salado Operations in Chile | Lundin Mining Corporation


Sernageomin investiga socavón de más de 32 metros de diámetro - SERNAGEOMIN

Humongous Sinkhole Appears in Chile, Leaving a Deep Void in The Desert

A giant depression appeared near a mine located in Chile's Atacama Desert . According to mine manager Lundin Mining , the huge depression was discovered on July 30, 2022. In addition, Chile's Geological Research Bureau, Sernageomin , reports that the size of the huge depression is '32 m in diameter and 64 m in depth'.

After the discovery, the area around the huge cave-in was quickly sealed off, and relevant agencies were notified. No human or infrastructure impacts have been reported from the cave-in. In addition, work at the mine was temporarily suspended due to the discovery of the cave-in, but it is said that it will not affect the mine's annual plan.

At the time of writing the article, the cause of the huge cave-in is unknown. Sernageomin's David Montenegro said experts will be working to determine the cause and steps will be taken to ensure the safety of miners and the surrounding community. In addition, Cristian Zuniga, mayor of Tierra Amarilla, where the mine is located, said, ``The occurrence of a cave-in is unprecedented. I will ask,' he said.

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