Google is ready to provide surveillance camera footage to police without a warrant

It has been revealed that Amazon

disclosed the video taken by the customer with its own surveillance camera without the permission or warrant of the user when there was a request from law enforcement agencies such as the police. Subsequently, it was found that Google is also prepared to provide surveillance camera footage to law enforcement agencies on request without a warrant.

Google's Nest Will Provide Data to Police Without a Warrant | PetaPixel

Google, like Amazon, may let police see your video without a warrant --The Verge

Generally, law enforcement agencies are required to present a warrant, subpoena, or court order to the provider before handing over the data in order to receive surveillance camera footage.

However, Amazon provided law enforcement agencies with images taken by customers using the 'Ring' series of products that integrate doorbells and surveillance cameras without a warrant. It will be offered 11 times in the first 7 months of 2022.

Amazon Disclosures Customer Surveillance Camera Video Without User Permission or Warrant-GIGAZINE

According to reports, Google has never provided data in the past, but like Amazon, it has an exception in its privacy policy so that it can provide surveillance camera images to law enforcement agencies without a warrant.

The following 'emergency information request' is applicable to the provisions that 'Google may inform government agencies if it reasonably determines that it can prevent someone from dying or suffering serious physical harm. May be provided. '

How Google Responds to Government User Information Requests – Policies and Terms – Google

Similarly, manufacturers of surveillance camera products know that Apple, Anker, Arlo , and Wyze need a warrant to provide their data.

According to IT news site The Verge, Google spokeswoman Kimberly Taylor said, 'If an emergency occurs and Nest's data (surveillance camera product) is essential to solve the problem, Google is allowed to provide data to authorities under our Terms of Service. We have never done that (providing data without a warrant) in the past, but it is important to reserve that right. ' He said that.

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