It turns out that most of the 'videos that I regret watching' on YouTube were recommended videos by YouTube

When you're watching a movie on YouTube, you'll see recommendations derived from the movie you're watching and your past viewing history. Regarding the recommended display function of YouTube, the survey result that 'many' movies that regret watching 'are recommended' was reported.

Mozilla Foundation-YouTube Regrets

Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, reported the results of the research on YouTube's recommended display function. Mozilla provides an extension ' RegretsReporter ' for Firefox and Chrome that can report movies that you regret watching, and using 'RegretsReporter' from 1662 volunteers from 91 countries from July 2020 to May 2021 Using the information collected in Firefox, we analyzed the information of 'Movies that I regret watching'.

The graph below shows the categories of movies that were reported to regret watching, including 'MIS INFORMATION', 'VIOLENT OR GRAPHIC CONTENT', and 'hate speech'. (HATE SPEECH) ”was reported a lot. In addition, most of the 'movies that spread false information' dealt with false information about the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Furthermore, as a result of investigating how we arrived at the movie that we regretted watching, 70.9% arrived by YouTube's recommended display, and only 7.67% arrived by searching by themselves.

The average number of views of 'Movies that I regret watching' for five months was 760,000, and the total number of views reached 160 million. It is unknown whether this huge number of views is due to the recommended function of YouTube. In addition, 40% of 'movies that I regret watching' were deleted by YouTube, but the reason for the deletion is unknown.

As a result of analyzing the number of times 'movies that I regret watching' have been played by country of residence, countries such as Japan and Brazil where English is not the first language have English such as the United States and New Zealand as the first language. It turns out that the rate of regeneration is higher than in countries that do. In addition, 14% of the movies reported as 'movies that I regret watching' were COVID-19-related content in English, and 36% were COVID-19-related content other than English. The reason why Mozilla has so many views of 'movies that I regret watching' outside the English-speaking world is that YouTube started '

measures to reduce recommended display of content that violates community guidelines ' in the United States in 2019. I point out that.

Mozilla has made the following three claims in response to the fact that YouTube's recommended display function has revealed that unwanted movies are being displayed.
・ YouTube needs to revise the recommended display algorithm promptly.
· Policy makers need to require YouTube to 'publish data about algorithms' and build legal protection that allows independent scrutiny of the platform.
・ YouTube and other companies need to publish algorithm data and provide users with 'a function to turn off personalized recommendation display' and 'a function to control the use of their own data'. be

Mozilla is also encouraging YouTube users to provide data using the browser extension 'Regrets Reporter'. The Chrome and Firefox versions of Regrets Reporter can be installed from the links below.

RegretsReporter-Chrome Web Store

RegretsReporter – Get extensions for Firefox (ja)

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