I tried 'Chili Con Carne & Chicken ~ Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment) ~' which can boost the spiciness with habanero sauce after chasing spicy chili con carne on the subway


Chili con carne ', which is a classic Tex-Mex dish , made by boiling beans and minced meat with tomatoes and spices, sandwiched with vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, ' Chili con carne & chicken-chipotle + habanero sauce (attached)- ' , Appeared on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 as a summer-only menu from the subway. Not only can you enjoy the spicy spiciness, but you can also add more spiciness by chasing the attached Marie Sharps Habanero sauce , so in order to blow away the heat of summer with spiciness, actually I tried it.

The hot topic 'Chili Con Carne' is now available as a sandwich! 'Chili con carne & chicken-chipotle + habanero sauce (attached)-' will be on sale from July 20, 2022 (Wednesday) ~ │ Vegetable subway official website

I came to the subway.

There was a poster in the store that appealed 'Chili Con Carne & Chicken-Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment)-' along with a copy of 'Passionate Spicy Mexican !! This is Chili Con Carne'.

I bought 'Chili Con Carne & Chicken ~ Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment) ~'. Every time you buy 'Chili Con Carne & Chicken ~ Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment) ~', you will get 1 bag of Marie Sharps Habanero Sauce for free.

'Chili Con Carne & Chicken-Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment)-' looks like this. Honey oats toast is selected for bread.

The ingredients are chicken, lettuce, peppers, onions, and tomatoes mixed with chili con carne and chipotle sauce. Chili con carne is made by boiling red kidney beans, chickpeas, minced pork, and soybean meat in tomato sauce.

When you try it, you can feel the spicy spiciness of chili con carne. In addition to the chili con carne with plenty of minced meat, chicken is also included, and the texture of crispy vegetables is an accent, and the eating response is sufficient. I was able to taste the taste of chicken and beans. The essential spiciness is at the level that it may be a little spicy for people who are not good at spicy foods, and it is not a messy spiciness, but it is mild because of the moisture of vegetables. However, the impression that a tingling stimulus remains slightly in the mouth. The sweet honey oats for the bread were pretty ants, and the sweetness of the honey oats was well balanced with the spiciness of the chili con carne.

This time I will try to chase after the Marie Sharps Habanero sauce that came with me. I put about two-thirds of a bag on the ingredients.

Then, the piercing spiciness of the chili pepper was added. The editorial staff who are good at spicy foods say, 'The stimulation of spiciness may have just improved', but the editorial staff who are not good at spicy foods take root as 'spicy! Too spicy!'. When actually using Marie Sharps Habanero Sauce, it is a good idea to add it little by little according to your spiciness tolerance.

If the bread of 'Chilikonkan & Chicken ~ Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment) ~' is made into a

flatbread , isn't it quite similar to the Tex-Mex burrito wrapped in tortillas made from wheat flour? I thought, I also ordered the flatbread version.

Unlike fluffy honey oats, flatbread feels firm elasticity just by holding it. However, the ability to sandwich the ingredients is lower than that of Honey Oats, so the difficulty is that the sandwiched ingredients tend to spill.

When I try to eat it, the bread is not sweet unlike honey oats, so I can feel the stimulation of chili con carne more firmly. The chewy texture of flatbread and the aroma of wheat are thick tortilla-like, and the crispy texture of lettuce and onion makes it certainly more like a burrito than a sandwich. It's a little difficult to eat because the ingredients spill out, but if you want a more Mexican atmosphere, you can order it in flatbread.

'Chili Con Carne & Chicken-Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment)-' can be purchased at Subway stores nationwide from July 20th (Wednesday) to September 13th (Tuesday), 2022. The price is 490 yen. Also, for Marie Sharps Habanero Sauce, you can get 1 bag for free for each order of 'Chili Con Carne & Chicken ~ Chipotle + Habanero Sauce (Attachment) ~', but if you want to add more spiciness, 1 bag 30 You can add it in a circle.

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