'Ability to shop while chatting with shops' is added to Instagram

Instagram, an image sharing SNS, has a function called '

Instagram shopping ' that allows you to access the purchase page by tapping the product included in the posted image. A new function has been added that allows you to select a product while chatting with your shop account on Instagram and complete payment on the chat screen.

There's a New Way to Buy Products on Instagram — Right in Chat | Meta

The screen on the purchase side of the newly announced Instagram 'function to shop while chatting with the store' is as follows. It shows a series of steps to decide the product to purchase while talking with the shop account about 'desired size' and 'desired pattern', and make payment from the payment button presented by the shop account.

The screen on the shop account side of the above chat is below. It seems that you can decide the products and prices to sell according to the flow of conversation, enter the product name and price, and create a payment request.

The ability to shop via chat will be available to small Instagram-certified retailers. In addition, the payment process is safely executed by the payment service 'Meta Pay' provided by the Instagram operator Meta.

In addition, the above function was available only in some areas at the time of writing the article, and the details were not displayed even if

the help page about authentication was accessed from Japan.

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