Samsung announces GDDR6 DRAM that realized the industry's first 24 Gbps data transfer speed, 30% faster than the previous model

Samsung announced the industry's first 24Gbps data transfer speed '

GDDR6 DRAM ', which is expected to be used in next-generation high-end graphic boards.

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On July 14, 2022 local time, Samsung announced the industry's first 16 Gigabit (Gb) graphics double data rate 6 (GDDR6) DRAM featuring a data transfer rate of 24 Gbps. Samsung's GDDR6 DRAM is manufactured on Samsung's 3rd generation 10nm process using EUV technology, 'which will significantly improve the graphics performance of next-generation graphics boards and games,' Samsung explains.

Daniel Lee, executive vice president of Samsung's memory product planning team, said, 'GDDR6, the industry's first to achieve 24 Gbps, has been validated to validate graphics DRAM on next-generation GPU platforms to meet the new demand rush. We are planning to bring it to the market. '

GDDR6 DRAM has an innovative circuit design and uses HKMG, which is an advanced insulating material to minimize current leakage. Silicon oxide has been used as an insulating material so far, but HKMG is said to be much more efficient than this. As a result, GDDR6 DRAM realizes 30% faster data transfer than the previous model. By integrating with the premium graphics board, GDDR6 DRAM can transfer up to 1.1TB of data in just one second.

Samsung's GDDR6 DRAM is designed to be fully compliant with

JEDEC 's GDDR6 DRAM standard, is compatible with all GPU designs, and is expected to be used in any graphics solution.

In addition, GDDR6 DRAM also has a low power option to extend the battery life of the on-board PC, leveraging industry-standard dynamic voltage switching (DVS) technology that adjusts the operating voltage according to performance requirements. The '20Gbps version' and '16Gbps version' that have achieved operation at '1.1V', which is about 20% lower than '1.35V', will also be provided.

According to The Register, an overseas media, the data transfer speed of GDDR6 memory provided by other chip makers is about 14 to 16 Gbps.

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