Finally, the first color photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope is released, and the amazing performance of thousands of galaxies

NASA has released the first color photographs taken with the ultra-high performance space telescope '

James Webb Space Telescope '. The published photographs clearly show galaxies in deep space that could not be observed with conventional telescopes.

First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope | NASA

NASA's Webb Delivers Deepest Infrared Image of Universe Yet | NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope was developed as a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope and was launched into space in December 2021. After that, despite the accident of a meteorite impact , the adjustment of the primary mirror and the calibration of various devices were continued, and in July 2022, the test image taken by the subject tracking sensor ' Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) ' was released. it was done. Even though the released test image was taken under adverse conditions such as 'taken with a subject tracking sensor' and 'do not readjust the device between multiple exposures', the wonder that the star system far away is clearly reflected. Was showing off the performance of.

NASA Releases Test Photo of James Webb Space Telescope, Approaching the Origin of the Universe --GIGAZINE

Then, on July 11, 2022, a photograph of the galaxy cluster 'SMACS 0723' taken using the James Webb Space Telescope's main sensor ' Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) ' was released under various conditions. it was done. You can view the high-resolution version released by NASA by clicking the photo below.

The photo of 'SMACS 0723' was developed by processing the data taken over 12.5 hours for several weeks. NASA said about the color photographs it took: 'I shot the universe the deepest and sharpest I've ever taken.' 'The photographs I took included thousands of galaxies, including the darkest objects ever taken using infrared light. It is in the picture, 'he said, highlighting the overwhelming performance of the James Webb Space Telescope.

In addition to 'SMACS 0723', NASA selected ' Carina Nebula ', ' WASP- 96b', ' Southern Ring Nebula ', and ' Stephan's Quintet Galaxy' as early shooting targets for the James Webb Space Telescope. I am. In addition, the color photographs released on July 11, 2022 are part of the photographs taken at the initial shooting event, and other photographs and analysis from 0:30 on July 13, 2022 (Wednesday), Japan time. The data will be released. The announcement of new photos and analysis data will be broadcast live in the following embedded movie.

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV --YouTube

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On July 13, 2022, new photos of 'Carina Nebula', 'WASP-96b', 'Southern Ring Nebula', and 'Stephan's Quintet Galaxy' were released. You can check the newly published photos in the following article.

A large number of photos of the deep space taken by the James Webb Space Telescope have been released, and finally the photos of the initial event 5 astrophotography are available --GIGAZINE

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