The state-of-the-art James Webb Space Telescope has been adjusted, and the comparison with the previous generation is a masterpiece


James Webb Space Telescope 's operations team, launched into space in December 2021, reported on May 9, 2022 that the four observation instruments on board the telescope had been tuned. If you look at the images of the universe that were test-taken before the official start of operation in the summer, you can see at a glance that the James Webb Space Telescope is overwhelmingly more accurate than the older telescopes.

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'I'm happy to report that the telescope alignment was completed with better than expected performance,' said Michael McElwain, director of the James Webb Space Telescope project at NASA. , Reported that the adjustment work was completed smoothly.

Below is an image released by the project team to prove that they are ready for observation. This is an observation of the same object in the Large Magellanic Cloud , but comparing the one taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope (left), which was discontinued in January 2020, with the one taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (right). You can see that the light of stars of various sizes and the precision of the nebula pattern are completely different.

by NASA / JPL-Caltech (left), NASA / ESA / CSA / STScI (right)

For this image, NASA said, 'The James Webb Space Telescope's Mid-Infrared Observatory (MIRI) captured interstellar gas in more detail than ever before. Specifically, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons , or Emissions of carbon and hydrogen molecules that play an important role in the chemical action of interstellar gas can be seen. Once the James Webb Space Telescope is officially in operation, new insights into the birth of stars and primitive planets will be seen through these observations. Will bring you. '

According to NASA, the James Webb Space Telescope is in the final stages of preparation for the start of observations in the summer of 2022. In the adjustment work that takes place over two months, calibration of the equipment installed in four units, test observation to confirm 17 types of operation modes, and data collection are planned. Then, in July, the 'early release observations (ERO)' observed by the James Webb Space Telescope will be released.

Klaus Pontoppidan of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland said in a briefing, 'The James Webb Space Telescope, from the early appearance of the universe, the temporal changes in the galaxy, the life of the stars, to the distant world. We plan to publish the first photos in July that will highlight all of our scientific themes. '

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