A microrobot that automatically brushes teeth will be developed

Daily care is important to keep your mouth healthy, especially brushing your teeth. A research team at the University of Pennsylvania has announced that it has developed a microrobot to automate tooth brushing and interdental cleaning.

Surface Topography-Adaptive Robotic Superstructures for Biofilm Removal and Pathogen Detection on Human Teeth | ACS Nano


Shapeshifting microrobots can brush and floss teeth | Penn Today

Microrobots are nanoparticles of iron oxide that have catalytic action and magnetic force, and use a magnetic field to control movement and shape, and change into a brush shape. And it will scrape dirt between teeth and gums, or between teeth. In addition, by activating hydrogen peroxide by catalytic action, it is possible to sterilize bacteria that cause tooth decay and decompose plaque.

The research team conducted a proof-of-concept experiment of a microrobot on 3D-scanned human simulated teeth and real teeth at a dental clinic. As a result, the microrobot changed into various shapes and succeeded in removing the

biofilm that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease.

You can see how the microrobot actually cleans the space between the 3D-printed simulated teeth in the movie (about 10MB) that is played by clicking the image below.

The advantage of this microrobot is not only that it can automate a series of tooth brushing processes, but also that it can finely handle the shapes of teeth, interdentals, and gums that vary greatly from person to person. Iron oxide nanoparticles have already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and experiments have shown that they do not harm the oral cavity such as the gums.

Professor Hyun Michel Kuu of the Department of Orthodontics, Department of Community Oral Health and Department of Pediatric Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania, said, 'Brushing teeth, cleaning the teeth and rinsing the mouth is a manual multi-step process. Orthodontic care is a hassle and has disadvantages for many people, especially those who have difficulty brushing their teeth. This microrobot system is a hands-free and automated oral care process that cleans and rinses teeth. You can do it all. '

Professor Kuu also said, 'I would like this technology to be used by elderly people and people with disabilities. This microrobot destroys the conventional way of brushing teeth and greatly enhances oral medicine. I believe it is a step forward. '

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