What is Mozilla's bitter criticism of 'the harmful effects of Apple and Google's monopoly on the digital market'?

Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, has announced its support for a bill to protect fairness in the digital market being discussed in the United States. Mozilla talks about the impact big companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google have on the web and emphasizes the importance of protecting fairness.

Call for Antitrust Reform, Updated Competition Laws

Mozilla has endorsed the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA) , a bill that is being discussed in the United States to prevent the monopoly of minority companies in the digital market. Mozilla cites the following issues that a small number of enterprise monopolies have brought to Mozilla and the Web as reasons for supporting AICOA.

◆ The procedure to make Firefox the default application for Windows is complicated.
According to Mozilla, Firefox was developed with a focus on protecting user privacy. However, in Windows, the procedure for setting a web browser other than 'Edge' as the 'default app' iscomplicated, and the procedure for setting Firefox as the default app is more complicated than before. Mozilla countered Firefox by adding 'a function to bypass Windows interference and set it as the default app ' and 'a function to prevent Edge from forcibly starting with some links'. , Microsoft has also made changes to circumvent Mozilla's counter-operations, making it harder than ever to continue using browsers other than Edge.

'Edge avoidance function' of browsers such as Firefox is finally blocked in Windows 11 --GIGAZINE

◆ Cannot provide a browser that uses Gecko for iOS
Firefox uses Gecko as its rendering engine, but Apple does not allow web browsers distributed on the App Store to use any rendering engine other than WebKit . For this reason, the iOS version of Firefox uses WebKit instead of Gecko. Mozilla claims that Firefox for iOS is forced to adopt WebKit, so it cannot provide iOS users with features such as the 'cookie management system that protects user privacy' that Firefox has.

Firefox provides super strong privacy protection to users all over the world-GIGAZINE

◆ On Android, Chrome, which lacks privacy protection, is the standard browser.
On Android, Google's web browser 'Chrome' is treated as the standard browser. Mozilla points out that Chrome 'does not provide users with anti-tracking technology' and that Chrome has become the standard browser for Android 'the majority of people on the planet are no longer able to benefit from privacy protection. I'm accusing you.

Mozilla said about AICOA being discussed in the United States: 'AICOA is a private, secure, interoperable, open, accessible, transparent, balanced commercial and public internet. It is essential to be there, 'he said, showing his strong support for AICOA in order to solve the above problems.

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