Do video games create great soldiers?

It is often argued that war-themed games can have a negative impact on real people, but on the other hand, games are divisible as 'games are just games,' and games cultivate thinking and judgment. There are also discussions about the potential benefits of games. The Washington Post introduces the relationship between games and the military, which is being formed as a culture in the military.

Inside the Pentagon's long debate: Do gamers make good soldiers? --The Washington Post

An event was held in which the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard e-sports teams competed in the popular FPS 'Halo Infinite.'

The game was broadcast on Twitch, with over 500,000 people watching the fierce battle for seven hours.

! bracket FORCECON 22 Armed Forces Halo Tournament from San Antonio, TX --Twitch

For many years, games have been viewed by the military as 'just one of their personal hobbies,' but in recent years games have been strategically treated as a means of increasing, maintaining, and increasing the military's combat strength. I am. Dedicated esports teams have been created in each division of the military, and the military is increasingly sponsoring game events. In addition, a dedicated official Discord channel has been created for military personnel and the general public to call of Duty. It is said that an environment has been built where you can talk about 'Halo' and so on.

The relationship between the military and games has a long history. In the early 2000s, the Pentagon spent a lot of money on the production of an FPS called 'America's Army,' allowing people to carry out their missions as if they were soldiers and to get a glimpse of other aspects of military life. The game has become a hit and has been played by millions of people. A 2008 study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that 'about 30% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 have become more favorable to the military thanks to this game

. '

However, the popularity of 'America's Army' has been declining as the quality of other military shooters such as 'Call of Duty' and 'Medal of Honor' has improved dramatically. With the rise of online games, military personnel recognized the need for a fresher approach, so they began interacting with a large audience, including using Twitch, to promote their military life, the Washington Post said.

Hope for the military game is bright, and the Navy Research Bureau may be able to make effective use of the game, such as announcing the research result that 'playing FPS may actually produce excellent combatants'. It is shown. In addition, a survey of 35,000 Air Force soldiers showed that 'more than 86% of 18-34 year olds are gamers', and the Air Force officer and gaming team ' Air Force Gaming ' The founder, Major Oliver Parsons, said, 'By making the game's efforts more formal, it will benefit the troops.'

However, some leaders are skeptical of the game, claiming to weaken recruits and drop them out of basic training. 'Video games are the reason why young recruits aren't fit for the army,' said Army Major John Marc Tibodo, director of medical preparation at Fort Leonard Wood Base in the U.S. Army. The soldier's skeleton cannot be strengthened by pre-enlistment activities. ' In addition, game experts and lawmakers have vehemently criticized the military for casually recruiting young people to the military using game channels and influencers.

There are also criticisms from outside the military that the military is expanding its promotional activities associated with the game. Consultant Rod Breslau is also one of the worries about the military's involvement in esports and games, and has tracked Twitch's image formation of the military and war. In response to this, Democratic Party Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also submitted a bill in 2020 banning the solicitation of Twitch to the military, but the bill was rejected.

'War is not a game,' 'Twitch is a popular distribution platform in the much younger age than the draft rules apply,' Cortez tweeted. 'Don't confuse military affairs with FPS games.'

Breslau warns that the US government is using game sponsorship, distribution, and all other tools for military recruiting purposes, 'you need to be aware that you're already in the final stages.'

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