Headline News on June 8, 2022

'Baby Star Ramen Cup Men Umashi Omi', which is an instant ramen of the standard taste of 'Baby Star Ramen', will be released on June 13, 2022 (Monday). This product is a collaboration product of Oyatsu Company and Acecook, and the soup is based on chicken and has the umami of scallops, and by adding the richness of fish sauce, it has a timeless taste.

By the way, I posted this article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Summary of announcements at Apple's annual developer conference 'WWDC 2021' such as iOS15, iPadOS15, watchOS8, macOS Monterey --GIGAZINE

It is talked about that the movie shot with a small camera attached to the neck of the cat is too cute --GIGAZINE

'The era of' Space Battleship Yamato 'Selection in 2202 AD' Interview with director Atsuki Sato, 'Fleet gathering' scene BGM is revived with a new record and the experience of the old series is reproduced --GIGAZINE

An interview with Harutoshi Fukui & Yuka Minakawa, 'Astro Warrior', a dense work that condenses 52 episodes of anime into 120 minutes, 'The Age of' Space Battleship Yamato ', Choice of 2202 AD', What is the full work of 'Astro Warrior'? --GIGAZINE

'The treasure hidden in the Rocky Mountains by the millionaire' that more than 350,000 people have searched for over 10 years is finally discovered --GIGAZINE

Web browser 'Brave' hijacked the link and inserted the affiliate code --GIGAZINE

The phantom simulation game 'Sim Refinery' developed 18 years ago is now available on the Internet Archive and can be played without installation from a browser --GIGAZINE

I actually sharpened the knife with 'Kyocera Fine Sharpener SS-30' that revives the sharpness of the blade with sonic vibration of 150 reciprocations per second --GIGAZINE

Whether or not you have a 'purpose of life' is related to your life span --GIGAZINE

What are the four ways to get a good night's sleep? --GIGAZINE

List of new animations starting in the summer of 2018 --GIGAZINE

What is the taste of that 'Gudetama'? I tried 'McFleury Gudetama' which was a collaboration between Mac and Gudetama --GIGAZINE

Bees found to be able to understand the concept of 'zero'-GIGAZINE

The world's oldest Homo sapiens (modern human beings) 315,000 years ago was discovered in Morocco, and the result that the conventional theory is overturned --GIGAZINE

How to find the 'vocation' revealed in more than 60 studies --GIGAZINE

◆ Neta (memo, various other things)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
(PDF file) Drinking is dangerous! ?? Conditions for increasing bacteria in PET bottles

I saw my father drinking water without putting his mouth in the bottle, saying, 'Because the bacteria in my mouth enter the bottle.' I wondered if bacteria would get into the PET bottle when I drank it with my mouth, and if the bacteria would increase, I decided to investigate. I sometimes drink a half-day bottle of a bottled beverage, but I wanted to find out if it's okay to drink and how long it can be safely taken.

◆ Society / Politics / Economy (Case / World News / Business)
Apology for violation of Road Traffic Law by group company employees | 2022 | News | Corporate Information | Iris Ohyama

Yoshiro Mori expresses dissatisfaction with criticism of misogynistic remarks 'I'm scolded for telling the true story': Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

'Coca-Cola' price increase from October Raw material prices and distribution costs rise | NHK

CNN.co.jp: 'Mass shootings are part of a free society', shocking numbers found in US polls

Mr. Zelensky 'Liberation of All Occupied Territories' Nailed to Temperature Differences in Western Countries | Mainichi Shimbun

[Shinzo Abe] Pension reduction despite high prices ... Former Prime Minister Abe was all the 'genius'! The deadly sins of law revision in 2016 | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

'How are Russian men swimming from Kunashir Island to Hokkaido now?' | Scratching the surveillance of the border guard | Courier Japon

Electricity bill does not stop rising in the world EU 40% higher due to soaring natural gas: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Wanted SF Writer Russia for Invasion Criticism: Current Affairs.com

Kuroda's remarks, justification of transparent policy Citizen's sigh 'Because the amount received is different': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Police officer fraudulent group and telephone are not seen and damage to women in their 70s Osaka | NHK | Incident

Russia's food shortages worsen, with soldiers lamenting 'I ate a dog today' and 'no logistics ability' | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Russian troops dispatch convened troops to the normally impossible front line Russian coverage [Ukraine situation]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Suspension of implementation of 'safe operation' agreement around the four northern islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia | NHK | Ukraine situation

Prohibition of insurance for oil transport vessels Russian target, UK-EU agreement-Report: Current affairs dot com

Fisheries agreement around the Northern Territories, Russia suspended 'until the Japanese side fulfills its obligations' [Ukraine situation]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Health damage caused by 'thin jelly' sold online Headache and dizziness ... Unapproved drug detection Nishinomiya | General | Kobe Shimbun NEXT

Australian KFC changes some lettuce to cabbage 4 photos due to soaring prices International News: AFPBB News

Take control of a residential area in the eastern part of Ukraine Russia Defense Minister 7 photos International News: AFPBB News

Ukrainian grain for resale to Russia 'credibility' US Secretary of State 4 photos International News: AFPBB News

Prime Minister Kishida decides on execution plan for 'new capitalism' Distribution strategy Retreat pointed out | NHK | Economic security

Submission of a bill that obliges civil servants to bear compensation | NHK

'Tank cake' unveiled the day before 'Tiananmen 33 years' Chinese blogger, silence after delivery 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

If the US sanctions are tightened with TSMC in hand-Recommendations of Chinese government economists-Bloomberg

Pros and cons of stricter punishment for insults 'Freedom of criticism' There is a concern that it will be impaired.

Wrong deposit 'I couldn't forgive you' 'I couldn't forgive you' Words hit by the suspect: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Original] Mountain owners should be angry 'thinning' ... 6000 cypress trees 'selfishly' felling Disaster risk | TV Asahi news site

A woman who could not be consulted due to long-standing molestation damage from the same man testified at the trial: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Money to the city council on the day of the announcement Hiroyuki Hosoda suspected of 'acquisition' in the lower house election << Receipt acquisition >> | Bunshun Online

# We do not accept price increases Haruhiko Kuroda Criticism to the Governor of the Bank of Japan One after another | Mainichi Shimbun

Fire at Korea Gakuen Tsujimoto's office invades 29-year-old re-arrest Osaka Prefectural Police | Mainichi Shimbun

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda withdraws remarks to allow price increases 'It was not appropriate at all': Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)

The measures taken by Akashi City, which has produced an astonishing number of birth rates of 1.7, are amazing. Medical expenses, diaper charges, and childcare fees are free. 'Because the country doesn't do it, I have no choice but to do it on my own. No secluded requirements ”--Togetter

◆ IT / Gadgets (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)

[pixiv] Notice-Account suspension and recovery for submissions of works that violate the Terms of Service / Guidelines

Deficiencies in cyber-damaged hospitals and system providers Tokushima Prefecture: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Generation Z not only uses SNS in combination, but also seems to have an overwhelmingly long usage time | Tokuriki | note

CNN.co.jp: Popular live distribution interrupted by Chinese internet censorship, 'opposite effect' that young fans are interested in the Tiananmen Square incident-(1/3)

Arrested engineers suspected of being unable to browse the site of 1,000 companies involved in the creation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (subculture)
TV anime 'Our master has no tail' PV 2nd --YouTube

'The Tomorrow Children Phoenix Edition' --Announcement Trailer --YouTube

[PS5 / PS4 / Switch] 'Disco Elysium The Final Cut' Announcement Trailer-YouTube

Official Trailer for Minecraft The Wild Update-YouTube

[VOICEVOX commentary] How Javelin works and how to fight [Kasukabe Tsumugi's little military commentary] --Nico Nico Douga

[WWE2K22] Houshou Marine's professional wrestling-Nico Nico Douga

[FF10] Pikamee whose brain is destroyed by the betrayal and shock of NTR and friends [Otowaka] --Nico Nico Douga

ANYCOLOR [5032]: Business Plan and Growth Potential June 8, 2022 (Timely Disclosure): Nikkei Company Information DIGITAL: Nikkei Newspaper

Lynn Okamoto recalled that 'it wasn't popular until the end' on the 20th anniversary of Elfen Lied. To the development where fans talk about the love of the work --Togetter

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)

Norwegian princess announces engagement with spirit medium (Maki Stirrup) --Individual--Yahoo! News

Mr. Suga of the Tokyo Olympics who continued to have trouble 'I feel cursed' | Mainichi Shimbun

CNN.co.jp: New work of 'Top Gun', copyright over original draft Proceedings of the author's bereaved family

The biggest issue is overlooked when the club activities move to the area. Who protects the health of students and how? (Masatoshi Senoo) --Individual--Yahoo! News

Norwegian Princess Engagement Shaman Self-proclaimed U.S. Man and 4 Photos International News: AFPBB News

Former Nippon-Ham Fighters 'I've been using it since I was a major' admitted 'Tsuyoshi Shinjo's drug use' | Bunshun Online

Shogi / Women's throne, Satomi defends the title | Comprehensive | Kobe Shimbun NEXT

[Women's throne game 4th station] Interview after the game, impression game, etc.-YouTube

◆ New products (clothes, food, housing)
The slogan is 'Neneiro NOODLE'! Collaboration project between 'Cup Noodle' and 'Momosuzu Nene' will start on June 15th (Wednesday) | Nissin Foods Group

Support the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters by drinking chelated lemons!
'Chelate Lemon C Water Fighters Label'
Limited release in Hokkaido from Monday, June 13, 2022 | News Release | Corporate Information | Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage

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