'AeroPress Go' that can extract full-fledged rich coffee with the power of air is highly recommended for coffee beginners


AeroPress ', which extracts rich coffee using the power of compressed air, has gained great popularity because even beginners can extract full-fledged coffee. I had the opportunity to touch ' AeroPress Go ', which is a small size that makes AeroPress easy to carry, so I actually extracted coffee and drank it.

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◆ Appearance check of AeroPress Go
The AeroPress Go package looks something like this.

Inside the box was the AeroPress Go main body, filter, and instructions.

The AeroPress Go is small enough to hold comfortably in one hand.

It fits easily in your bag, so you can easily carry it around.

When AeroPress Go is disassembled, it looks like this. A plunger that pushes out air from the back left, a plunger for hot water and ground coffee, a mug, a scoop, a paddle for stirring, a filter cap, a filter holder, and a lid.

I tried extracting coffee with AeroPress Go
Try brewing coffee according to the instructions in the included instructions. This time, I will extract '

Indonesia Sumatra Orangutan Coffee '. In addition, it is OK if you use the attached mug at normal times, but this time we prepared a transparent coffee server so that the contents can be easily seen.

First set the filter in the filter cap ......

Attach the filter cap to the bottom of the chamber.

Next, scoop in a heaping cup of coffee grounds.

After adding the coffee grounds, shake the chamber left and right to level it out.

Place the chamber on top of the coffee server and pour hot water.

It is OK if hot water is poured up to the part marked '1'.

Pour the hot water and mix with a paddle for about 10 seconds.

After that, insert the plunger into the chamber and push it down from above to extract the coffee.

In the following movie you can see how the plunger is actually pushed. The total time taken to brew a cup of coffee was about 2 minutes.

How to extract coffee with 'AeroPress Go' - YouTube

When I drank the extracted coffee, it was very dark, and the impression was that it was closer to espresso than coffee. However, not only was it dark, but the taste of the beans, such as aroma, bitterness, and sourness, was clearly felt.

The coffee extracted by AeroPress Go is very strong, so it is recommended to mix it with hot water to make American coffee, or mix it with milk to make cafe au lait.

In addition, if you remove the filter cap from the chamber and push in the plunger, the residue remaining after extraction will pop out. After that, just rinse with water and clean up is complete.

When I actually extracted coffee with AeroPress Go, I was able to enjoy rich coffee just by pushing the plunger without having to learn detailed techniques. An editorial staff member who only drinks instant coffee and has no experience in extracting coffee said, ``I only had the image of coffee as a'bitter drink', but the coffee extracted with AeroPress Go has complex flavors such as sourness, bitterness, and aroma. You can feel the delicious taste.No brewing technique is required, so I want to try various coffee beans myself.”

In addition, AeroPress Go is not only easy to enjoy, but it is also possible to build your own recipe by adjusting the type of coffee, the temperature and amount of hot water, the speed of pressing the plunger, etc. In addition, a world competition for coffee extraction using AeroPress is held regularly, and you can check the recipes of the world's top baristas on the AeroPress official website.

AeroPress Go is available at Amazon.co.jp at 5408 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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