Due to Google Play policy, content purchase option is removed from Kindle / Audible / Music Android apps

The ebook purchase option has been removed from the Android version of Kindle, an ebook service provided by Amazon. This change is due to Google Play policy, and similar changes have been made not only to Kindle but also to Audible for audiobooks and Music apps for music developed by Amazon.

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Amazon is removing purchase options from Kindle, Audible, and Music on Android

Google has a policy for all developers that 'if you want to offer in-app purchases of digital products and services, you must use the Google Play billing system', as of June 1, 2022. I'm trying to remove apps that don't comply with the policy from Google Play.

Based on this policy, Amazon has decided to remove the purchase option from the Kindle, Audible, and Music apps for Android, rather than paying Google a fee for every purchase. Already, with these apps, you can no longer purchase ebooks, audiobooks, etc. within the app.

Upon this change, users were sent an email from the Kindle app for Android notifying them that they would no longer be able to purchase Kindle books or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

When I tried tapping the book I was interested in with the Android version of the Kindle app, there were options to 'Add to list' and 'Download sample', but the purchase option was not displayed.

Instead, there was a link that says 'Why can't I buy with the app?', So tap this.

Then, 'Because of the policy of Google Play Store, you can no longer purchase new content from within this app. Please add it to the wish list on the app and access the Amazon website from your browser to purchase. The message '.' Was displayed. Tap 'Click here for details' ...

The page 'Notice of partial changes in application functions' was displayed.

You can only add it to your wish list on the app, and you need to make purchases and subscribe to Kindle Unlimited from the Amazon website.

Also, you can no longer buy audiobooks or music with the Audible or Music apps. Click 'More Options' ...

Only 'Add to Wish List' was displayed.

As a way to avoid the inconvenience of Android version apps, Android Police, a technology media, cited 'Uninstall Google Play and install a dedicated app from the Amazon App Store , an Android app store provided by Amazon.' I am. In addition, music streaming service Spotify will cooperate with Google to allow Google Play to choose its own payment method, but it is unclear whether Amazon intends to cooperate with Google.

First from Spotify, which shows Google's policy to allow Android apps to choose their own payment method-GIGAZINE

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