Google Play paid apps can no longer be downloaded and updated in Russia

In Russia, the billing system of Google Play and YouTube has been

suspended from March 10, 2022 due to 'payment system disruption', but new paid application downloads and updates will be available from May 5, 2022. I found it to be blocked.

Pausing Google Play's billing system for users in Russia --Play Console Help

Google Play now blocks paid app downloads, updates in Russia

Google Play in Russia cannot download, update paid apps --9to5Google

According to Google, the reason why paid app downloads and updates are blocked in Russia is 'part of compliance activities'.

Since this is a measure for paid apps, you can continue to download and update free apps without any restrictions.

Since the billing system has already been suspended, even if the user tries to settle the in-app purchase, an error message will be displayed and the payment process will not be performed, so the subscription can be renewed. It will be canceled without notice.

For this reason, Google will ask developers to extend the grace period for accessing content by up to one month after the end of the billing period, or to use the Google Play Developer API to postpone the user's subscription renewal for one year. Shows choices.

We also recommend that you offer free apps or unsubscribe from paid members for apps that 'provide important services that keep users safe and provide access to information.'

Google does not describe the series of measures as sanctions for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and it is unknown when the measures will be lifted.

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