Microsoft announces 'Dev Box', a cloud-based developer workstation

On May 24, 2022, Microsoft announced a new service ' Microsoft Dev Box ' that made the development environment cloud-based and made it accessible from Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, web browsers, etc.

Introducing Microsoft Dev Box

Microsoft reveals Dev Box workstations for remote development

Microsoft Dev Box is a cloud-powered developer workstation --The Verge

'Many IT companies are struggling to provide the flexibility that development teams need to stay productive. The hardware requirements for developer workstations are exponential as the project progresses,' Microsoft said. And because the growing number of hybrid development teams has made it more difficult than ever to secure the resources that developers need, 'said the setup and maintenance of a developer workstation. Furthermore, he pointed out that the work of rebuilding the development environment due to the configuration change is a burden on the site.

Dev Box, the developer version of Windows 365, provides a development environment in the cloud that allows developers to focus on their code without having to worry about setting up and maintaining workstations. Anthony Kanjaroshi, Microsoft's Group Program Manager, explains.

In 'Dev Box', it is possible to save the tools and dependencies required to build and run the application as a Dev Box image, so you can start coding immediately in the virtual machine without waiting for a long rebuild. .. Also, since each developer can manage their own Dev Box from the developer portal, how to use such as 'Keep the old version of Dev Box and immediately build an environment and respond when a customer fails'. Is also envisioned.

Also, since 'Dev Box' is hosted in Microsoft's cloud, it can be accessed regardless of the platform such as OS and browser. It supports all developer IDEs, SDKs, and in-house tools that run on Windows, as well as cross-platform application development via the

Windows Subsystem for Linux .

On the security side, integration with Windows 365 makes it easy for IT admins to manage Dev Box with their cloud PCs with Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Manager , so use Microsoft Intune to patch in bulk. In addition to being able to do that, it is also possible to isolate the Dev Box in the unlikely event that it is compromised. It also supports access control such as limiting connected devices and requiring multi-factor authentication.

At the time of writing, Dev Box is in private preview and will be released in public preview in the coming months. About Dev Box, the development news media devclass says, 'Dev Box, a personal workstation for developers hosted as a virtual machine (VM) on Microsoft Azure, is a machine with the tools and features that developers need. It's based on the idea that pre-configuration can save you time and effort. Also, the VM-based approach is less likely to be at physical risk and can be easily replaced in the event of breakage or failure. Because it can be done, it also has advantages in terms of compliance and security. '

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