TSMC and Samsung, which account for the majority of semiconductor production in the world, are planning to raise semiconductor manufacturing prices

It is reported that TSMC and Samsung, the industry's two-leaders in the foundry business that produces semiconductors in response to orders from smartphone makers and automobile makers, are considering raising semiconductor manufacturing prices.

TSMC plans another price hike amid inflation concerns --Nikkei Asia

Samsung in Talks to Increase Prices of Chip Manufacturing by Up to 20% --Bloomberg

According to the person who provided information to Nikkei Asia, TSMC is considering raising the semiconductor manufacturing price because of the expansion plan to alleviate the cost increase and supply shortage. The price increase rate is 5% to 8%, and a wide range of semiconductors are targeted for price increases, from cutting-edge process nodes of several nm used for high-performance processors to relatively old legacy nodes used for automobile chips and sensors. increase.

The price increase is expected to begin by 2023, and a TSMC executive who provided information to Nikkei Asia said, 'Given the current slowdown in demand for smartphones and PCs, clients will not accept TSMC's price increase plans. It can be difficult. '

◆ Samsung
According to Bloomberg's report, Samsung has informed its customers that it will raise semiconductor manufacturing prices by up to 20%. The person who provided information to Bloomberg said, 'The price increase is 15 to 20%, and the price increase is larger for semiconductors produced by older process nodes,' which is a big blow to manufacturers who use semiconductors of old process nodes. It seems to be. Samsung's semiconductor manufacturing price increase is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022.

In March 2022, TSMC Chairman Mark Ryu said, 'The rise in material prices is affecting the entire semiconductor industry, ' suggesting an increase in semiconductor manufacturing prices. In April 2022, Peter Wennink, CEO of ASML , a major semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, said, 'Semiconductor manufacturing capacity will be significantly insufficient in 2022 and 2023,' and semiconductor manufacturing prices and semiconductor prices will continue. May increase in price.

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