Why are spooky dolls found on the beaches of Texas on a monthly basis?

It's been talked about every month that decaying dolls are rushing to the beaches of Texas in the southern United States, which borders Mexico. A researcher who manages the site explains the mystery of why such a doll can be found.

Creepy dolls keep washing up on TX beaches, photos show | Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Mysterious dolls are discovered one after another in the Mission-Aransas National Estuary Research Reserve along the Gulf coast of Texas. Researchers such as Jace Tunnel, director of the Institute of Marine Science, University of Texas, who manages the site, regularly inspect the reserve, but from a certain time, dolls are discovered every month, and the tunnel It is said that a total of 30 or more have been found since he started counting.

There are various types of dolls, such as plastic ones that have lost both arms and sex dolls that have only a head. Mr. Tunnel and others occasionally report the discovery to SNS, so the general public who sees it is wondering 'Why can you find a doll?'

According to Tunnels, the Gulf of the Reserve is susceptible to vortices created by the 'Florida Current,' which flows from the Caribbean through the Yucatan Peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico, producing nearly 10 times more debris than the rest of the Gulf of Mexico. It is said that it will flow. For this reason, it seems that the reason for finding a doll is not 'because only the doll is flowing', but simply 'because there is a lot of garbage'.

Mr. Tunnel and his colleagues are amused by the dolls being washed ashore and are putting them up for regular auctions along with other trash. A surprising number of people wanted dolls despite the garbage, and some bought them for $ 35 (about 4600 yen). Mr. Tunnel and his colleagues are wondering what they are doing with the dolls, but they are using the money they earned at the auction for the sea turtle rescue program.

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