The Ukrainian army released 'How to disassemble the Russian army drone', and what was inside was the familiar one in Japan


Ukrainian Defense Minister has released a movie that disassembles the 'drone used by the Russian army for surveillance' that crashed in Ukraine. From the disassembled drone, it is also clear that it is equipped with a low-end Canon digital SLR camera.

Ukraine Opens Russian Drone, Finds Canon DSLR Inside | PetaPixel

Army Inform, an intelligence agency within the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, has released a movie that disassembles the 'drone used by the Russian army for surveillance'. The disassembled drone is the Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 'Orlan-10' that had crashed into Ukrainian territory.

Серед запчастин російського БПЛА «Орлан» — пластикова пляшка --YouTube

This is the Orlan-10 used by the Russian army for surveillance and reconnaissance.

And what came out after disassembling this drone was Canon's '

EOS Rebel T6i ' digital single-lens reflex camera. In North America, the name is 'EOS Rebel T6i', but in Japan, it is a camera sold under the model name ' EOS Kiss X8i'. It is a digital single-lens camera for family use released in April 2015, and it is an interchangeable lens model that uses an EF-S lens mount . According to technology media PetaPixel, the retail price in the United States was 750 dollars (about 95,000 yen), and the used one is sold for about 300 to 400 dollars (about 38,000 to 51,000 yen). And that.

The camera is attached to the plate with velcro tape and is easily removable.

The mode dial that changes the shooting mode of the camera is fixed with adhesive, and it seems that it is preventing the shooting mode from switching during the flight of the drone.

In addition, there is a cap for the fuel tank on the upper part of the drone, and it looks completely like the mouth of a PET bottle. It is said that this fuel tank and other parts are firmly fixed with duct tape.

Ukrainian media outlet UNIAN reports that the price of the Orlan-10 will be around $ 87,000 to $ 120,000 per aircraft in 2017. The Orlan-10 is a drone developed by a company called Special Technological Center based in Russia, and it is reported that the aircraft and engine are made in Russia and other electronic parts are made in Taiwan. According to UNIAN, the Russian army is using the Orlan-10 for reconnaissance and firing.

A Japanese Canon camera was used in this Orlan-10, but the company stopped shipping new products to Russia in March 2022 in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. However, it seems unlikely that Canon's suspension will affect the cameras on the Orlan-10, PetaPixel reports.

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