The iOS version of Opera's crypto browser 'Opera Crypto Browser' is officially released

Opera Software , the developer of the web browser Opera , has officially released the iOS version of the Web3 -focused web browser Opera Crypto Browser .

Get your new Opera Crypto Browser for iOS --Blog | Opera Mobile

Opera Crypto Browser is a Web3 browser built for everyone from crypto experts to beginners with a built-in 'unmanaged crypto wallet' where the private key is managed only by the owner. You can access cryptocurrencies directly from your browser without installing extensions, sign in to your cryptocurrency wallet, or use a third-party cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask . The Crypto Browser Project is designed so that the contents of the clipboard are not intercepted by external services so that such external services can be used safely.

Opera Crypto Browser has been released for Windows, Mac, and Android so far, and the iOS version has been in beta testing since January 2022, but this time it is officially released.

Opera Crypto Browser is also available from Japan. You can download it from the App Store .

The iOS version of Opera Crypto Browser looks like this. By default, the rates of various cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) are displayed at the bottom of the home screen.

In addition to ad blocking, the settings include 'Cryptocurrency Mining Protection' that protects against attacks that mine cryptocurrencies without permission, and 'Block Cookie Dialogs' that blocks notifications asking for permission of cookies by default.

Opera Crypto Browser not only meets the needs of veteran users of DApps (decentralized applications), games and metaverse platforms that leverage blockchain technology to protect user data, but is also ideal for first-time users of Web3. It is said that it has become a thing.

With the release of Opera Crypto Browser for iOS, Opera Software said, 'With over 25 years of experience building web browsers, Opera is considered one of the world's top privacy and security browsers. Crypto Browser is a native ad. And with features such as tracker blockers, pop-up blockers, and intuitive Cookie Dialogue Blocker, we are dedicated to further improving the security of Web3. Now, with the integration with iOS, Opera is in the hundreds of millions around the world. It pushes the boundaries of as many iOS users as possible. '

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