Windows 11 penetration is lower than Windows XP, let alone Windows 7

According to a survey by the game distribution platform Steam, it is pointed out that

the adoption speed of Windows 11 for gamers is about half that of Windows 10, but Lansweeper, which is developing new IT asset management software, has about 10 million units. Research has shown that the penetration rate of Windows 11 is lower than that of Windows 7 and even Windows XP.

Windows 11 Readiness Check --Is Your Business Ready for Windows 11?

According to a survey conducted by Lansweeper in April 2022, Windows 10 is the most popular Windows OS at 80.34%. Windows 11 was only 1.44%, which was lower than Windows 8 (1.99%) and Windows 7 (4.70%), and even Windows XP (1.71%), which was the OS 20 years ago. In addition, Windows Vista was 0.04%, Windows 2000 was 0.15%, and in addition, it seems that the total was 9.15% in the Windows Server series. The following is an infographic showing the ratio, and the one with a red mark after the OS name is already out of support.

Lansweeper points out that the adoption of business terminals is delayed compared to consumer terminals.

When we examined more than 30 million devices in more than 600,000 organizations, 44.4% of the total CPUs met the requirements for Windows 11 and 55.6% did not.

Microsoft provides compatibility check tools to facilitate the transition to Windows 11, but if you don't know the status of your IT assets in the first place, manually checking is just a waste of time. No, Lansweeper points out.

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