Atsumori's Shizue enjoys 'Elden Ring' (?) Fan movie is interesting


ELDEN RING ', which has shipped 1 million units in Japan and has exceeded 12 million units worldwide, is an open world action game where you can defeat a wide variety of powerful enemies with a dark world view. is. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the opposite of Elden Ring, and Mr. Shizue of the ' Animal Crossing ' series has released a movie about playing Elden Ring.

Isabelle Plays Elden Ring (Animal Crossing Animation)-YouTube

When the movie started, the Elden Ring game launch screen was displayed. However, if you look closely, you can see that the tag 'New Horizons' is attached and the letters 'ELDEN RING' are ridiculously cheap, which is slightly different from the startup screen of the original Elden Ring.

And the game starts. The dark atmosphere like Elden Ring remains, but the icons lined up at the bottom left of the screen have fishing rods and apples, and the characters operated by the player are two or three heads, and there are also some animal forest elements. ..

A shining golden tree in the back of the field.

A little further through the field, there was a boss room.

Here, the appearance from the front of the cute fading person who is finally dressed in armor is revealed. It is unknown whether the weapon he has is a straight sword, a large sword, or a double-edged sword.

Looking at the headless statue ...

Suddenly a huge crab fell from the sky.

He holds a weapon in his hand instead of scissors.

The battle starts as it is. The name of the boss is 'Shinin-gani'.

A cute fader swings his sword, but never hits a crab.

The crab's counterattack is approaching ...

With a single blow, the physical strength of a cute fading person becomes zero.


'You Died', so the fading person died in just one blow.

The loading screen says, 'Ashes are a companion to the spirits that help in combat. You can summon the spirits of fallen warriors and creatures. You look like you're asking for help!' It is recommended to use ashes.

The TV that was playing the cute Elden Ring was projected ...

Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch sticks in the TV. It seems that the player threw Joy-Con with anger because of the unreasonable game nature that the game was over with just one blow.

And it is clear that it was Mr. Isabelle who threw Joy-Con.

Returning to me, I realized that I didn't have one Joy-Con in my hand ...

Mr. Shizue looks at the ceiling with an expression like 'Tsumanne'.

After a deep sigh ...

Mr. Shizue thinks of Joy-Con that has disappeared.

From the style of holding two Joy-Cons in both hands ...

Changed to a style that holds one Joy-Con sideways.

And while showing Mr. Shizue with an indescribable expression, the sound of playing '

Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. SPECIAL ' was played and the movie ended.

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