It is pointed out that Samsung's middle range smartphone 'Galaxy A53 5G' has lower performance than the old model Galaxy A52s

At the

Galaxy announcement event held on April 7, 2022, Samsung announced that it will release the middle class 5G compatible smartphone ' Galaxy A53 5G ' in Japan as well. This Galaxy A53 5G is said to be the next generation model of the Galaxy A52s released in 2021, but the results of the benchmark test point out that the performance may be lower than the Galaxy A52s, the smartphone related information site Compare Dial points out. doing.

The new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is 33% slower than the Samsung Galaxy A52s

Below is the benchmark score for the Galaxy A52s by Geekbench 5 . The single core score is around 750, and the multi-core score is 2500-2600.

On the other hand, the

benchmark score of Galaxy A53 5G is as follows. The single-core score is 500 to 700, and the multi-core score is 1600 to 1800, which certainly gives the impression that the score is a little lower than the Galaxy A52s.

The specifications of the

Galaxy A53 5G SC-53C , which is a domestic model in Japan, are as follows.

SoC : Undisclosed, CPU8 core
Display : Approximately 6.5 inch Full HD + / Super AMOLED organic EL
Out-camera : Approximately 64 million pixels / Approximately 12 million pixels / Approximately 5 million pixels / Approximately 5 million pixels
In-camera : Approximately 32 million pixels
Battery capacity : 5000mAh
Built-in RAM : 6GB / 8GB
-Storage : 128GB / 256GB
Weight : 189g
Waterproof / dustproof : IPX5 / X8 / IP6X

'It's likely that Samsung has switched to a chip developed in-house,' says CompareDial. The Galaxy A52s is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 778G chip, but according to CompareDial, the Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with Samsung's proprietary Exynos 1280.

Samsung advertises on its official website that 'core performance is improved by up to 6%, graphics performance is improved by 33%, machine learning performance is 43% faster', but the cautionary note is the generation before the Snapdragon 750G was adopted. It states that it is a comparison with the model Galaxy A52 5G.

According to CompareDial, the European model Galaxy S22 equipped with Samsung's Exynos chip had lower specifications than the American global model equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 . 'It's unclear why Samsung abandoned the Snapdragon, but it's likely that using its own chips will keep the cost of buying Qualcomm chips down,' said Compare Dial.

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