'Illustration Center' where you can use more than 9000 versatile illustrations that can be used for free and for commercial purposes

' Illustration Center ' is a free material site where you can download more than 9000 various illustrations for free and use them for commercial purposes. All the illustrations distributed as materials were created by illustrator

R-DESIGN , from simple things such as animals, stationery, and people, to people who measure the temperature, dogs with masks, and bad guys who make phone fraud calls. Many maniac ones are available.

Illustration Center / Free material site that can be used for commercial purposes for free

The top page of the illustration center looks like this. In addition to searching for illustrations from the search window and the categories displayed on the left ...

You can also scroll down the page to search by popular illustration ranking or popular tag list. If you try clicking on the 'food' category ...

Illustrations registered as food are displayed in a row as shown below.

Clicking on the illustration will take you to the page where the title of the illustration and the download button are displayed as shown below. When I click the download button ...

I jumped to the image page. You can save an 800x600px png file by right-clicking.

The saved illustration material can be used free of charge regardless of individual, corporate, commercial or non-commercial. Up to 20 illustrations can be used at one time, and can be used on websites, SNS, videos, etc. However, the copyright belongs to Mr. R-DESIGN, and it is prohibited to redistribute the materials and sell goods and template materials using illustrations.

You can check related illustrations and tags by scrolling down the page of each illustration. You can find a new one from here. For example, if you click the 'Cross section' tag ...

An illustration of the 'Cross section' tag is displayed as shown below.

In addition, animal illustrations and ...

Illustration of a person giving a speech in an election car.

Even a little niche illustration such as 'a woman who is discouraged by the collapse of virtual currency' was prepared.

In addition, Mr. R-DESIGN explains the reason why the illustrations are released for free, 'I sell a lot of illustrations on the stock photo site, but there are many illustrations that can not be sold or can not be seen.' It

all started with the idea that many people would be able to use the illustrations that hadn't been exposed to the sun. ' If you find an illustration you like, you can purchase a set of higher resolution eps + jpg (6000 x 5000px or higher, resolution 300) for a fee. The purchase method etc. are explained on the following page.

Illustration data purchase request / Illustration center

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