A father who tried to manage a child's internet addiction with a 'jamming radio generator' brought down the internet of the entire city and arrested

A father who used a 'jamming device' was arrested to manage children who continued to use the Internet and smartphones until late at night. The jamming device used by this father was so powerful that not only his own children but also children in the area could not use the Internet.

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A Father Who Used A Signal Jammer To Keep His Kids Offline At Night Now Faces Jail Time

The incident was discovered after a strange complaint reached the French Radio Agency, which manages domestic radio waves. The reporter of the complaint was a mobile phone operator operating in Messanges, which is located in the southwestern part of France, and the content was that 'the Internet will not be available in the entire area from midnight to 3 am every day.'

In response to this complaint, the French Radio Agency conducted an investigation with a spectrum analyzer, which is a wireless signal measuring device, and found that a unique waveform was detected when using a jamming radio wave generator as shown in the example below. matter.

An investigator looking for a jamming device arrived at a house along the coast. And when I asked the owner of this house, he said, 'Since the lockdown was imposed by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, children were addicted to using SNS and other apps until late at night. I used a jamming device. '

In France, possession and use of jamming devices is illegal, and in addition to a fine of up to 30,000 euros (about 3.9 million yen), imprisonment for up to 6 months may be imposed. ..

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