Why was a vigilante jamming mobile communication radio for two years?

ByOscar Anton

Interfering with radio waves and radar is "jammingIt is an act called illegal act in many countries. A man who kept doing jamming acts in Florida for two years was arrested. Why was the man jamming? That is being reported.

FCC: Seffner man used cellphone jammer

A Florida Resident Drove Around with a Cellphone Jammer for Two Years Before Being Caught

Florida state telecommunications carrier "MetroPCS"Noticed that suspicious blackouts and communication towers were interfered on some expressways,Federal Communications Commission(FCC). According to the FCC's survey, oneToyota KrugerWe have found that strong broadband radio waves are being emitted. When the sheriff arrested a car owner Jason R. Humphrey vigilante member, the sheriff's radio has been stopped, and a radio wave jammer (mobile phone) jammer has been found in the car.

Calls and e-mails from mobile phones and smartphones while driving are risking danger and are prohibited by law in many countries. There are penalties for the use of mobile phones while driving in many states of the United States, but it is not prohibited by state law in Florida. A 60 - year - old male Humphrey vigilante who thought about solving such a situation by himself carried a jammer on commuting and had been obstructing the radio waves of the cell phone for 16 to 24 months.

ByTim Caynes

Extensive communication disturbance can be dangerous such as not being able to call an ambulance in emergency, so it is strictly enforced by law. The manufacturer and effective range of the jamming equipment possessed by the Humphries vigilante members have not been clarified yet, but for example, the jammer "TRJ - 89" which is illegally sold is a radio wave of 5 mile (8 km) radius It is possible to shut off. Humphreys vigilante members stated that there was no malice saying "We were jamming to stop using mobile phones while driving, but we have a jamming device forbidden by federal law As a result, a fine of $ 48,000 (about 4.9 million yen) is imposed.

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