Psychologist Announces "Janken Winning Method"

ByDavid Muir

"Janken" is deep because the rules are simple, so many pioneers repeated efforts to devise a winning lawTechniqueIt has refined. Meanwhile, a new rock scissors winning method was devised from a psychological point of view.

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Scientists find a winning strategy for rock-paper-scissors | Ars Technica

ChineseZhejiang UniversityThe collaborative research team of psychologists divided 360 students into 6 groups, randomly chosen opponents and scrambled for 300 times in total. In addition, "seriousness" is increasing in student's rock scarf efforts by setting conditions that a small amount of money is given every time winning with a scapold.

Researchers analyzed not only the victory and defeat but also what kind of "hand" the students are issuing depending on the scene. As a result of studying the students in detail, the students' hands are subject to psychological influences and characteristic "tendencies I found out that there is.


The facts found by analysis are the following two.

1: When the game is decided at a time, the winner has a high probability of giving out the same hand without changing his hand at the next game

2: When losing two or more consecutive times with the same hand, losers are easy to change their hands, hands to change are the hands that the opponent win against their hands
Example: If Giga Taro who issued "Chochi" loses successively to Jin Jiro who issued "Go", Giga Taro tends to change his hand to "Par" at the next game

From the above two experimental results, the researchers named the tendency of what kind of hands can be easily handled with the Janken "the winner maintains and the losers change (maintain winner / change losers)" law.

ByMark Turnauckas

Giga Taro's "Janken win-win method" considering the winner maintenance / loser change law is as follows.

1: If you lose with a single blow, make sure to win hands that win the opponent's hand
Example: If Giga Taro loses with "go" at one shot (Jin Jiro is "par"), Giga Taro should give "Choch" at next game

2: Conversely, if you win with a blow, change your hand next
Example: When Giga Taro wins with "goo" at one shot (Jin Jiro is "Choki"), Giga Taro should give "Par" or "Choch" at the next game

3: If you win the game in the same hand, change your hand
Example: When Giga Taro wins the game in "go", it is better to issue "par" or "choki" in the next match

Needless to say, it is necessary condition that the other party does not know this winning method.

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