Men are being pushed into a tougher position

'Various data highlight the plight of men in American society in recent years,' said Andrew Yang , a businessman who is a candidate for the 2020 presidential election and is also famous as the flagship of basic income. Contributed to the Washington Post.

Opinion | Andrew Yang: The boys are not all right --The Washington Post

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, boys are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder in the country as girls. In addition, the probability of entering a juvenile training school is more than five times , and the high school graduation rate is lower for male students.

This tendency continues even after graduating from high school. In the United States, the number of college students has decreased by 1.5 million in the five years to 2021, with 71% of the decrease being male . As a result, the percentage of male college students in 2021 was 40.5%, the lowest ever. In January 2022, men's labor market participation rate was 67.9%, with more than one-third of men unemployed or unemployed.

Men's salaries are also lower, and the median real men's wages have fallen since 1990. Perhaps reflecting the decline in both employment and income, more American men between the ages of 18 and 34 live with their parents than with their partners. In addition, among middle-aged men, deaths from suicide and drug and alcoholism, the so-called ' despair deaths ,' have risen to an unprecedented number in the last 20 years since 2000.

In this regard, Andrew Yang said, 'American boys and adult men, regardless of region or ethnicity, have been declining for many years. This is catastrophic for our country. Men's declining is further male decline. And nevertheless, media and political leaders have not dealt with this crisis, but rather positioned boys and men as problems rather than those in need. I insisted.

To improve this situation, Mr. Yang said, 'Expanding the measures of schools that have achieved results in the education of male students to other schools,' 'Strengthening vocational training,' ' Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Christian Youth Association (YMCA). ) And other non-profit organizations that are focusing on youth development. ' He also pointed out to the government that measures to make it easier for low-income people to have a family should be enhanced, such as by subsidizing marriage counseling and strengthening tax deductions for children.

“We need to stop defining masculinity as harmful and promote positive masculinity. Strong, healthy and well-being men value women. We will do so, 'he stressed that institutional and socio-cultural reforms need to stop the decline of men in the United States.

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