A movie that collides without recognizing obstacles on the road in the beta test of Tesla's fully autonomous driving system

Tesla provides self-driving software '

Full Self-Driving (FSD) ' for owners for a fee, and beta 10.10 (version 2021.44.30.15) was delivered at the time of writing the article. AI Addict , a YouTube channel that publishes a video of running Tesla's FSD, has released a movie showing how it actually applied beta 10.10 and ran in San Jose, California. In it, it became clear that they collided with unrecognized objects and were about to invade places where they should not run.

Tesla FSD Beta Crashes Into Object-YouTube

The AI Addict is on the Tesla Model 3. Operate the pad in the center to set the destination ...

Press the switch to the right of the handle to activate FSD.

Even if the driver releases his hand from the steering wheel, the car will continue to run.

The steering wheel moves automatically by recognizing the surroundings and lanes.

Looking at the pad in the center, the car parked on the street is properly recognized as an obstacle.

When turning left at a large intersection, recognize the cars running from the left and right and ask for the timing of the left turn. The car coming from the left was also captured by sensors and cameras and displayed on the center pad.

Then, turn right at the following intersection where space is secured at the end of the road with a green pole for pedestrians and bicycles.

There is a green pole standing at the end of the right turn, but for some reason, when you look at the pad in the center, you can see the route to move the car to the right and then change lanes in the center.

As a result of moving the car to the right as it is, Model 3 collided with the green pole.

When the shooting staff went out in a hurry and looked at the car, there was a rubbing mark on the front right part where it collided with the pole. It seems that this is the first time that AI Addict has actually hit something while experimenting with FSD. Apparently this green pole wasn't recognized by FSD for some reason.

In addition, there was a scene where the FSD could not be recognized as a railroad track in a place where the tram railroad track was running parallel to the road at the right turn, and the car tried to continue on the tramway railroad track.

In fact, when I tested Beta 10.6 in December 2021, I also got an error trying to break into the tram tracks when turning right. However, there are some scenes where I was able to turn the road properly on other curves, and AI Addict evaluates that there is a considerable improvement.

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