What is the structure of the digital pregnancy test kit when disassembled?

Pregnancy test is a kit that can easily and quickly determine whether you are pregnant by detecting one of the hormones contained in urine, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Not only test drugs that have two lines appearing in the judgment window, but also digital pregnancy test kits that clearly indicate 'pregnant' and 'not pregnant' are used. As a matter of fact, what kind of parts are included in this digital pregnancy test kit, Mr. Foone Turing who calls himself 'hardware software necromancer' has posted the process of disassembling on Twitter.

One side of the test kit is a urine collection part, and when the cap is removed, a urine absorber is attached.

No screws are used anywhere, so you need to open the body well.

When you open it, you'll see an elongated printed circuit board and a small LCD screen mounted on it.

Turn it over and you'll find a battery and a strip of paper. The battery is a button type battery, CR1616. A low-priced, compact version of CR2032 that is often used as a button cell battery, and is suitable for kits that are used only once.

A piece of paper is a pregnancy test that is also used in non-digital tests.

When the core gets wet, it will be energized and the 'judgment part' will operate.

Three LEDs and two image sensors are attached to the 'judgment part'.

The LEDs illuminate in sequence and measure the light that hits each of the two sensors.

It reads the '||' and '| +' indications of the pregnancy test and instead displays a specific message saying 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'. Below is Foone running the kit in test mode, displaying the icons and messages provided.

The built-in was the 8-bit microcontroller 'Holtek HT48C06'. It has 64 bytes of RAM, 1024 words of ROM, 13 GPIO pins, and operates at 4MHz or 8MHz. According to Foone, it is thought to be operating at 4MHz because it is powered by a 3V battery and the voltage conversion circuit is missing.

In addition, 'C' of the model number '48C06' indicates that it is a mask ROM version whose data contents are predetermined. For this reason, it seems that the attempt to transplant the shooting game ' DOOM ' to a pregnancy test and play it was not feasible in the first place.

However, there were many voices saying 'I want to see where DOOM is moving', and Mr. Foone said that 'Playing the image of DOOM moved on an external PC on the LCD' is a method of pregnancy test kit. We have released a video showing DOOM on the screen. However, in reality, it could not be played on the LCD that came with the kit from the beginning, and it turned out that the hardware was replaced.

Hardware necromancer succeeds in playing DOOM and Bad Apple !! on the screen in the pregnancy test kit --GIGAZINE

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