Devil's device that makes USB Type-C regain 'front and back' is born

Since there were front and back sides of old standard USB such as USB Type-A, the phenomenon that 'I thought that it was the opposite direction when I tried to insert it ... and turned it over, after all the previous direction was correct' frequently occurred. Was there. This phenomenon, which has plagued the world, seemed to end with the advent of

USB Type-C , which can be plugged in either direction, but inventor Pim de Groot said, ' USB Type-C has two sides of the same coin. Newly developed ' device to be regained'. I'm trying to inherit the negative legacy of USB.

The 'Cursed USB-C 2.0 device ' developed by Groot looks like this. Insert the USB Type-C cable with the logo side up ...

The two LEDs on the 'Cursed USB-C 2.0 device' glow red.

After that, the upper LED turned green.

Next, insert the USB Type-C cable upside down.

Then the LED glows red ...

This time the lower LED turned green. 'Cursed USB-C 2.0 device' is a device that recognizes the front and back of USB Type-C and realizes different operations.

According to Groot, USB Type-C, which should be usable on both the front and back, actually has both sides. In the USB Type-C specifications, the terminals on the device side where the cable is inserted are lined up with pins of the same function in contrast ...

If you look at the central part of the terminal on the side to be inserted into the device, you can see that there is an asymmetrical part.

Since the above non-symmetrical parts are automatically recognized by USB standard compliant devices, the same operation can be expected regardless of the orientation. However, the 'Cursed USB-C 2.0 device' is designed to recognize 'D-' and 'D +' among the above pins and 'change the LED color from red to green'. ..

Groot says, 'With USB Type-C, you don't have to worry about the front and back. However, there can be problems that are clearly caused by the front and back. Devices that use USB Type-C. If you run into problems with, try flipping the front and back. '

According to USB developer Ejay Bat , the two sides of USB are 'to reduce costs.' Mr. Bat himself also said, 'The biggest problem with USB is that it has both sides.'

USB developer reveals 'why USB has two sides' --GIGAZINE

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