Netflix announces live-action movie & animation of American comic 'BRZRKR' co-authored by Keanu Reeves

It was announced that Netflix will make a live-action movie and animation of

the American comic book 'BRZRKR' co-authored by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves Developing'BRZRKR' Live-Action Film & Anime Series --Variety

Keanu Reeves Is Developing BRZRKR Live-Action Movie And Anime Series For Netflix --GameSpot

'BRZRKR' is Keanu Reeves is American comic writer Matt Quinto in American comics that are co-authored with, illustrations famous as the Marvel work illustrator Ron Gurney , color ring Bill Crabtree, Retara is Clem Robbins, Rafael Grandpa is in charge of character design and cover design, and BOOM! Studios is in charge of publishing. Released on March 3, 2021, 'BRZRKR' was a huge hit with sales of more than 615,000 copies in just three weeks, and for BOOM! Studios, it was 'the most in the last 30 years.' It is said that it is a 'new title sold'.

This work, which is written as 'BRZRKR' and read as 'berserker', is an American version of the idea that Keanu Reeves has warmed up over the years. The synopsis says, 'A cruel epic about the 80,000-year-old timeless battle of an immortal warrior,' and the main character is a demigod, half-man 'B.' After centuries of wandering, 'B' chooses to take on a cruel battle for the US government. In exchange for this contract, 'B' will have a secret of his birth and a way to end the long-held battle.

'BRZRKR', which has been decided to be a live-action movie & animation as a Netflix original, will first be delivered a live-action movie, and then an animation series will be delivered, and it seems that the 'BRZRKR' universe will expand. .. The original author, Keanu Reeves, will play the main character 'B' in the live-action version, and will be in charge of the voice of 'B' in the anime version.

In addition to Keanu Reeves, Ross Richie and Stephen Christie of BOOM! Studios and Stephen Hamel of Company Films will be the producers of the filmed 'BRZ RKR'.

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