What is the reason for the natural formation of 'sand pillars like chess pieces'?

by Terri Abbott

On the sandy beaches of Michigan, USA, strange pillars of sand that look like potter's wheel are witnessed almost every year. A physicist explained this mysterious pillar that appears only in winter.

Weird sand'chess pieces' dot Lake Michigan shore. Here's how they formed. | Live Science


What's creating bizarre sand sculptures along Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan , located at 44 degrees north latitude and 87 degrees west longitude, is a huge lake that boasts an area about 87 times that of Lake Biwa, and is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Dozens of sand pillars were found in January 2022 at Tiscornia Park in the southwestern part of Lake Michigan. Photographer Terry Abbott, who witnessed this, said, 'The height was about 8 cm to about 51 cm, and it was frozen hard. When I took a close-up shot, it looked like another planet.' ..

'There are several factors, such as sand water content and wind conditions,' explains Daniel Bonn, a physicist at the University of Amsterdam, as to why these pillars are created. The average temperature in January near Tisconia Park is as cold as -2.5 degrees Celsius, and some sand in the dunes may freeze. Mr. Bonn says that such a cylindrical shape is created by a strong wind blowing there and blowing sand away or adhering to it.

Jeff Lechner, the caretaker of Tisconia Park, said of the sand pillars, 'It's well known around here. It's usually found when it's windy and cold.' Photographer Joshua Norwicki, who lives nearby, said, 'The sand pillars I saw in 2022 were the tallest ones I've ever seen. I have to visit at. '

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