Rolling huge disk like the moon suddenly appeared in the river

A huge ice disk is made in the pre-Sump Scott river in Westbrook, Maine, Maine, and the state of continuing the rotation continues to be talked about like "it is like a moon".

Videos: Spinning in the Presumpscot, this alien-looking ice disk has Westbrook all abuzz - Portland Press Herald

You can see the appearance of the disc from the following movies.

Westbrook, Maine Ice Disk - Presumpscot River on Vimeo

In the river, the other side of the tree is the disk. I can not see clearly when it is from a low position ... ...

As the camera rises using a drone ......

You can see a pattern like a crater on the moon.

Receiving the river flow, the ice disc is slowly rotated. The diameter is about 100 yards (90 meters), and as the spin turns, its size is getting bigger.

The disc seems to be in a rounded shape as it is sharp at the rounded part of the riverbank.

When approaching, it looks like this. It is said that a duck occasionally rotated on the disc was also confirmed.

In this river, a huge snake "Wessy" that swallowed a large mammal considered to be a beaver in 2016 was talked about as being witnessed , and the residents wondered that "this strange thing will happen in this river" It is said that.

Looking at the following movies, you can see how the ice is spinning and how the birds are resting.

Time lapse of ice disc in Presumpscot (video by Doug Bertlesman) - YouTube

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